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Why did we ask if you had contact with mice?

This started with a response we got on one of the surveys. A woman with breast cancer said this:

"cancer_comments: Cancer caused by mouse mammary gland tumor virus according to one doctor. I cleaned out a mouse infested storage shed 2 months before noticing lump on right breast. Met over a dozen women with breast cancer who had close contact with mice during my treatments."

This was fascinating! If you Google mouse mammary tumor virus or Google scholar you get some interesting hits.

"These data indicate that 38–40% of human breast cancers contain gene sequences homologous to the MMTV env gene that are absent from other tumors and tissues. These MMTV env gene-like sequences may play a role in the etiology of a large proportion of human breast cancer" from Detection of Mammary Tumor Virus ENV Gene-like Sequences in Human Breast Cancer1

This looks really important. Could it be that up to 40 percent of human breast cancers are linked to mouse mammary viruses?