DCA and CancerDCA as a Cancer Treatment - Sodium Dichloroacetate

Skin Cancer and DCA

"A few months back I got this red blemish on my left fore arm. I'm 57 years old and it's certainly not the first such blemish, no big deal. Then a few weeks ago it started getting worse. It turned deeper/brighter red and gets small darker bumps along the edges. It's a little more that ¼ inch in diameter. Pictures I researched on the web indicate it could be cancerous. Sorry but I didn't have it diagnosed.

I read someone's post here at DCA that they used a topical paste with some success. So I ordered some DCA to do my own test. It arrived in a short week.

First I just rubbed some of the powder onto the blemish. Not satisfied I went to plan B. I searched the bathroom and found some aloe gel lotion. Seems like a good idea, mix them together and the gel should help carry the DCA into the skin. I mix up a small amount of gel with what seems like an appropriate amount of DCA. Curious, the gel turned watery. I don't know why.

Undeterred, I used a cotton swab and dabbed some on the lesion. This was on June 2, 2007. Within about 10 minutes I felt a mild burning sensation at the lesion. For the next several hours it vacillated between mild burning and itching. . Over the next few days I reapplied from the initial mixture twice each day. It continued to itch and burn, mostly itch. Occasionally it just felt wet.

By the third day it was noticeably smaller; not in dimension, but in height and intensity of color. By the end of the forth day (June 6, 2007), it was all but gone. At this writing it is the beginning of the fifth day and my initial mix is depleted. I'll make some more to continue application for a couple more days. This evening's application caused very little itching and when I look for it, the lesion is so gone I have trouble finding it. I wish I had taken daily pictures, but I had no idea the change would be this quick. I thought I was in for several weeks' therapy and had planed to do weekly photo updates. All I can say is wow.

It did not scab over and fall off. It merely turned back into seemingly normal skin. I took pictures at the beginning and after the fourth day. If you didn't know where to look I doubt you could find the original location in the fourth day pictures."

This gentleman posts under the chat room name of WW22.