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Sarcoidosis and DCA

Two firefighters report incredible improvement of their sarcoidosis after taking DCA

Is DCA a possible new treatment for this 9/11 disease?


Update from Vince, via Email, 24 December 2008: "I AM COMPLETELY CURED WITH NO SYMPTOMS AT ALL."


Additional email, 9 January 2009:
Hi there Toni, i have been taking B100 complex along with serrapeptase all along. The latter is a silk worm enzyme which eats up the dead proteins and scar tissue. I never had tremors probably because there was thiamine in the B100 complex. ..., Vince!!! PS., my test results are excellent and I feel that I am in remission as far as the lung and joint involvement are concerned, the sarcodosis has left me with a fairly large dead spot on my left ventricle and a right branch bundle blockage which is currently rated as stage one electrical heart disease . The DCA has definitely worked wonders for me. Good luck.......

updated 11 February 2008

We have now had two reports of significant improvement in sarcoidosis patients who have used DCA. The first by Vince Mitton. Vince helped another firefighter with DCA.

Vince's story
Second report and update on Vince


First Report

We received a fax on January 3, 2008 from a DCA user "Bill" in Canada:

" I have a friend who has had sarcoidosis for years (he was a fireman and was involved in a toxic fire), the same problem killing the 9/11 emergency personnel. Any way, I gave him some DCA as his condition was getting so bad he wasn't functioning well - on oxygen, unable to walk a block, severe joint inflammation and much more. He takes it 2 days per week for about 3-4 months now and said he cannot believe the improvement in his lungs and joints. He said he would be delighted to talk to you if you were interested in his situation as he realizes this is a non-cancerous application. His name is Vince Mitton. "(Vince has said we can use his name)

An independent report:
On January 6, 2008, I received an email from a different person, "GB":

Hello,... I know 3 people that have used DCA successfully ....Another ... did not have cancer but had growths in his lungs from being a firefighter. DCA worked, and got rid of those. He has never looked or felt better.... Best regards, GB"

I called and spoke to both Vince and GB. GB happens to know Vince personally.

GB told me that a year ago Vince had almost no lung capacity and suffered greatly from this disease. GB described Vince as the kind of guy 'who would give you the shirt off his back" GB said he could hardly believe how much better Vince is now, full of energy and living life normally.

Direct contact with Vince:

An email from Vince:
" (I am a ) sarcoidosis victim from toxic chemical ingestion in 1982 chronic and severe;started DCA September.15th 2007. (My) .lung volume has increased dramatically- feeling the best in 20 years-all other joint,liver,heart complaints are going away.. (There are) 2500 cases of sarcoidosis as a result of 9/11. DCA has definitely reduced my sarcoid and I am no longer taking steady oxygen."
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I called and spoke to Vince. He was involved in a toxic fire in 1982 and has suffered from sarcoidosis since. Vince started DCA in September of 2007. At first he took a dose every day. The effects were strong. He coughed up huge amounts of scar tissue', had little energy and slept much of the time. The detox was great so Vince reduced his DCA to two days a week. Now he takes 1/4 teaspoon of DCA on Mondays and Tuesdays only. He will cough up 'stuff' for the next couple of days, but much less than previously, and the amount is diminishing with time.

Vince Mitton will be adding his own report very soon.

You can email Vince Mitton. He has given permission to post his contact email in order to help other victims of Sarcoidosis and Post 9/11 Sarcoidosis.

Also, if you are a sarcoidosis victim please email this site. Please be sure to include the word "sarcoid" or "sarcoidosis" in the subject line.

Second Report

Email from Vince, 11 February 2008 (this is the complete email exchange as it was given to me:

Hi Jim.....I started another firefighter with dca who is suffering with sarcoid and was Medicaled off unable to work. He phoned me today after only one week on dca. His exact words were " I got to tell you vin , I am really feeling better " ....... .

...I ; (Vince ) had a stress rest this morning , not only were my breathing tests improved but my blood oxygen levels have gone back into the normal range. But hers the big news....My heart arrhythmia after 5 years is disappeared completely. Vin !!!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
On February 11, I called Vince to get additional details. Vince told me that Mike (the other firefighter), coughed up a lot of stuff within a day of starting DCA, just like Vince did. Apparently sarcoidosis results in the patient producing 'ropes of mucous' that can be pulled out like a silk thread. The coughing evacuated this gunk out of the lungs and allowed Mike to breath much easier. He only used DCA and made a point to drink a lot of caffeinated tea.

Vince elaborated on his heart test results. The doctors had expected him to digress about 12%. However, they were amazed at how well he tested. "You blew us out of the water" was their comment to him, seeing the complete absence of a heart arrhythmia. A year ago Vince was on home oxygen. His oxygen levels have climbed from 89 to 97, one point below normal, and he no longer needs oxygen. Vince also takes the following supplements:
Potassium, magnesium, serrapeptase, L-arginine, L-Carnitine, CoQ10 and flax oil. However, as he points out, he took all of those before starting DCA too, and it was the DCA that caused his great recovery. Vnce still takes DCA two days a week.