DCA and CancerDCA as a Cancer Treatment - Sodium Dichloroacetate

Here is a CAT scan reading from a 47 year old non-small cell lung cancer patient from Italy. I have deleted the hospital and patient name for privacy. The report shows the lung tumor shrank from 8 cm to 6 cm. The tumors in the brain and liver are gone. This patient started DCA in June.2007. Near the end of August the patient had a cycle of Docetaxel chemotherapy. This patient and the spouse are very pleased. This is from an email, describing things a little better:

" resume here below my situation :
The first CAT was in January, the second in July.
The 30/01/07 I started with the first treatment chemotherapy 8 times as follows :
1 treatment every two weeks ( the last one was 20/07/07 ) ,during this treatment I took DCA, exactly the first was 01.06 60mg p/day.
The 10.08.07 I started the second treatment chemotherapy, 6 TIMES instead of 8 referring to the first one, AND 1 TIME EVERY 21 DAYS.
As you mentioned now, I have shaking and numbness in hands and feet."

Italian Scan