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36th Annual Cancer Convention
Los Angeles, CA.
September 3, 2008
Review by Heather

Ladies & Gentlemen!

It is a pleasure to bring you my personal account of the 36th Annual Cancer Convention by the Cancer Control Society in Los Angeles. Over Labor Day weekend, my mom, step-dad and sister flew down to south to attend this convention, where we spent the first day attending the lectures and the second day getting tests and browsing the booths.

Day 1 – Lectures

The theme I noticed in the lectures can be summarized in three general points:
(1) Diet is the #1 factor in disease in the US today. You are what you eat.
(2) Our environment and ourselves give us cancer and other diseases.
(3) Cancer (along with most terminal illness) can be controlled with natural, non-toxic methods.

All of the exuberant speakers understood these points because, I must emphasize, these facts are vital to truly understanding disease, and thus, the treatment of it. It was strikingly apparent how each speaker stressed that we have the ability to prevent disease and heal ourselves using non-toxic, life-enhancing therapies, and that we DO have a choice in treatment despite what we may have been led to believe by those who call themselves authorities. Good health is simply determined by diet, exercise, a clean environment free of toxins, and a healthy mind and emotions. Take any of those factors away and you get dis-ease (yes, I said dis-ease, the absence of ease and balance).

There are two main points in healing disease:
(1) Reduce the offending factors (toxins from environment, bad diet & lifestyle)
(2) Build health by creating a lifestyle conductive to good health.

In the United States today and in many countries, a paradigm shift is needed, and despite the fact that it’s amazingly simple and straight-forward enough for a child to understand, our society keeps searching for a magic pill to cure us of all ills and pains, so we don’t have to take any responsibility in changing our lifestyles. We have aches and de-habilitating conditions… from fibromyalgia to infertility, but we don’t examine the simple imbalances in our diets and lifestyles; we seek medication or get our glands and organs chopped up and hacked out. Did they forget to tell us, by the way, we need these organs to function optimally for the rest of our lives?

I did not take notes because the information is available through their books and articles (and because I already was aware of the information given, so I just wanted to enjoy the lectures instead of trying to write it all down!) If you are interested in specific information, please follow the links provided at the bottom. (Also please see the images of slides for some interesting nuggets of wisdom.)

My Scary Blood Test

Somehow in busy day one I fit in a dark field microscopy blood test where I was able to watch my living blood cells dance (or don’t dance, depending on your health) around on a slide through a big TV screen. Seeing your blood reveals a lot about your health and there are interpretive charts to go by. It is fascinating, and if I had a microscope myself I would probably be pricking everyone on a daily basis! – or at least myself. My blood didn’t look so good this particular afternoon, in fact, it looked pretty bad! My blood cells were clumpy and not moving at all; it looked like a muddy mess. Dr. James Kholos, the man with the microscope, informed me that it may have been something I ate which I had a reaction to. Later that day, highly annoyed with my results, I rescheduled to retest early, before the show started the next day. That night, I ate a healthy, fresh dinner, swam 10 laps in the hotel pool, and ran up 12 flights of stairs to our room and hydrated well with water. Early the next morning I ran down the stairs to get another blood test… and viola! The Dr. was very impressed that I had changed my blood overnight; now swimming around the screen were plump, jolly cells, although still a little dense (dehydration and lack of oxygen), and with a possible mild Candida. Given the severity of the slides the day before, I was thrilled to see that my efforts had immediately improved my blood. Dr. Kholos acted as if he had not seen such a thing before, so I suspect he learned something, too. (Oh, the things motivated patients teach their doctors about the human body!!) The fact that we can affect our very blood cells - our physical biology - in less than 24 hours due to lifestyle and choice is extremely empowering!

Day 2 – Exhibits

As you just heard, my Day Two started out with a bang. Then I joined my family for a lovely breakfast buffet on the pool patio. From there we headed back to the center of excitement.

Rows of exhibitor booths of abundant information could have occupied us for weeks, but we only had less than a day before our flight home. So we sped through, trying everything from infra-red sauna bags to pinhole glasses and Dr. Chi’s tongue and fingernail diagnosis to a crazy salesman who liked to feed us his multiple homeopathic remedy products when we mentioned what ailed us. I think I must have taken 10 shots of different remedies and felt like a new woman! Or an over-dosed one. (Haha.) This day was somewhat like an alternative health care circus!

It was entertaining and highly informative being able to sample, buy, and ask about the many products out there, including books and films. I very much enjoyed Dr. Chi because I have been using his products for a few years now and to meet him in person, and have him analyze my finger nails, tongue and skin, was an honor!

That’s all for now folks!

- Heather

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Convention Speakers: http://www.cancercontrolsociety.com/program2008.htm
Please see www.cancercontrolsociety.com for more information
Flyer for convention: http://www.cancercontrolsociety.com/images2/alternative_therapies_ad.pdf

Food Matters www.foodmatters.tv (great website as well)
Illegal Hope www.illegalhope.net
Healing Cancer From the Inside Out by Mike Anderson

International Bio Care Hospital in Mexico http://www.ibchospital.com

Dr. James Kholos
4869 Eldred St
Los Angeles, CA. 90042
Phone: (323) 254-9696
Dark Field Blood Microscopy Diagnostics

Dr. Chi
Chinese Herbal Products

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