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This page that was uploaded on November 5, 2007, on BOTH sites, www.DCAadvice.com and www.AboutDCA.com. They clearly show that the sites are linked and under the same control. This person or people lie about everything, so we should expect them to return.


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Nov 6 2007 update on dcaadvice.om


The full text of the first dcaadvice.com page is below (minus the lame chemical analysis chart. Yeah, sure, he ran an NMR machine for years. I guess pharmacologists do that)

DCA ADVICE.COM & ABOUT DCA.COM are no longer available thanks to the efforts of Mr. Jim Tassano.

We tried to provide cancer patients with access to pharmaceutical-grade Dichloroacetate (DCA) and to provide them with reliable advice in a time when they need it most. We did this because those cancer patients would otherwise resort to obtaining impure and harmful DCA from other sources or make it themselves.

However, Mr. Tassano (operator of buyDCA.com and theDCAsite.com), motivated by greed, decided to fabricate an elusive story on his site - complete with daily updates. He did this in order to promote the sale of his own brand of "DCA" and to do so in direct violation of FDA orders. And he did this without contacting us to consider our situation or hear our side of the story. We have never sold anything except 99.95% pure DCA and most certainly did not ship DCA in "garlic powder" bottles.
In fact, Mr. Tassano is the one selling fake DCA and he has to put others down in order for him to remain in business. Obviously, he couldn't compete with us like a normal business would. However, we will point out the serious problems present with Mr. Tassano's manufacturing and sale of DCA on buyDCA.com:
(Mr. Tassano's charts are posted at http://www.buydca.com/buydca_spectral_analysis.html)
-He sells "99% pure" "DCA" and calls it pharmaceutical grade. 99% pure is NOWHERE NEAR pharmaceutical grade

-The starting DCA reagent that Mr. Tassano uses contain 1% impurities - impurities that remain in the final product, and whose nature is unknown to him. Do you know what those 1% are. He goes on to confuse you by telling you that the DCA that he turns into Sodium DCA results in a 99% pure product. But this means that the 1% impurities that he started with as well the 1% impurities that formed during the reaction both left behind. So his DCA is actually 98% pure.
-Mr. Tassano claims to make Sodium Dichloroacetate from Dichloroacetate and uses no solvents of any kind. This is impossible. In order to make Sodium Dichloroacetate, a Hydrogen on the end of the Dichloroacetic Acid has to be removed, and replaced with a sodium ion. But you can't have sodium ions without having a solvent. You also can't remove the Hydrogen without a solvent because the removed Hydrogen will have no place to go. (A Hydrogen with a charge has to dissolve in something.) I have posted a diagram of the reaction below to better explain my point:

-Having operated an NMR machine on a daily basis, I am obligated to point out the serious deficiencies with Mr. Tassano's NMR spectra (available at the above link):
--Real NMR machines are much more precise, but Chart 1 does not show any crooked lines and there is no noise whatsoever. Had Mr. Tassano actually run an NMR spectrum, as he claims, the 1% impurities would most certainly have appeared. But instead, Chart 1 has perfectly straight lines.
--Additionally, Mr. Tassano's chart says "F3 ppm" on the bottom. F3 stands for 3D Fourier Transformation and is only used to identify large molecules like proteins. And F3 charts are are 3-Dimensional!!! Mr. Tassano's chart is 2D.
--Don't believe us? Compare Mr. Tassano's Chart 1 (99% pure DCA), with the Japaneese Chart 2(100% pure DCA) on his site. The 100% pure DCA has MORE impurities than the 99% DCA that Mr. Tassano "makes"!!! Note that the Japaneese chart does not say "F3 ppm" at the bottom, just "ppm".
--In chart 3, for some reason, there is a lot of noise. But because Carbon-13 is a rare atom compared to Hydrogen-1, when you run a C NMR, you do not get Carbon-Carbon coupling, so impurities don't show up. Additionally, the heights of the Carbon peaks are way too different. In Chart 3, the -CH peak is at least 4 times larger than the -CO peak. That means that there are 4x as many -CH's in the sample as -CO's. But DCA's chemical structure is CHCl2COOH. So there are only two carbons. That means that both peaks should be identical in height.
I hope that this is sufficient to express our grievances. Whether or not Mr. Tassano will be hit with a defamation, unfair competiton, and copyright infringement + removal of copyright management information suit in the future, we cannot say.
DCA ADVICE.COM & ABOUT DCA.COM will NOT be coming back, and we will no longer be providing any DCA, cancer, or medical related advice to anyone in the future. We are not going to be reincarnated as another website either. It's just too depressing to hear everybody's problems and then have to focus on Mr. Tassano trying to tear us apart at the same time.
However, we can still be contacted at contact@dcaadvice.com for the time being. Any questions regarding using or obtaining DCA will be ignored.