DCA and CancerDCA as a Cancer Treatment - Sodium Dichloroacetate

We have noticed relatively few people post results about DCA on the chat room. However, we do get a number of reports direct to us. So to help everyone, I will try to report details of these reports from cancer patients and their supporters, on this page. And although this page includes some chat room post links, you need to go to the Testimonials part of the chat room for more stories. This page was set up on 13 November 2007.

Letter, July 2011 regarding Bile Duct cancer
I received a letter from Bill and Shirley. Quote: "... My health is the best it has been in years. I've regained my weight, my blood tests are totally normal and I feel great. Nothing shows up on CT so my oncologist doesn't want to see me any more- he actually said "the DCA must have worked on me because he can't find any record of anyone in the world having survived my cancer when it reoccured"..."

Email, 17 August 2010. This relates to a fanastic response a child with a brain cancer had to a combined treatment. No DCA was used. Here is the email:

Hi Jim,
The six year old child with the astrocytoma brain tumor used the following products to clear the cancer in four months:

Earth’s Aloe
First Elements

Phone call, 5 August 2010. A bile duct cancer patient using DCA is doing great. It appears that DCA should be a treatment of choice for bile duct cancer.

Email July 2010. I am told that 2 cancer patients using glucosaminyl muramyl dipeptide along with DCA are doing quite well. (link showing GMDP augments chemo)

Phone call, 17 June 2010. A woman with pancreatic cancer was given about 5 months to live. Her CA 19-9 marker was 2200. She used gemcitabine and DCA. The doctor does not know she is using the DCA. It is now 1 1/2 years later, she is very active, working outside, and her CA19-9 is down to 187.

Phone call, 28 May 2010. I was told of a young man with sarcoma. A DCA site supporter met this young man, which I will call 'Matt" (not his real name), which Matt attended in a wheelchair. "Vic" spoke to him about DCA and Matt agreed to try it. Doctors wanted to amputate both of his legs, his testicles and part of lower bowels. Vic got Matt on a vegetarian diet, fully alkaline and put together a mix of DCA, DMSO and green tea for topical application to his cauliflower-looking tumors. Matt noticed improvement within days after starting the DCA-DMSO-green tea mix. Now, it appears Matt's cancer is gone! I am told he is starting to kick a soccer ball around and recently his girlfriend took him on a vacation. I am hoping to get the full story on this soon.

Followup email, 10 June 2010. Hello Jim , Matt took DCA internally as well, with herb tea (cold) 4 days on and two days off--- the results became immediatley evident when he started the topical treatment-he is cellebrating in Hawaii for a three month vacation after his ordeal , he also went on fresh fruits and organic vegetables -----alkaline…….

Phone call, 28 May 2010. I was told that a 58 year old patient with cholangiocarcinoma that had metted to the liver responded fantastically to DCA. Because of the liver mets, the doctor would not do the whipple surgery. This woman was going to die. After 45 days on DCA, the liver spots all disappeared and her primary tumor had shrunk by 80 percent.

Email, 17 April 2010
"Hello Jim.......Unbelievable news! After taking a 4 month break from DCA, *** decided it might be wise to take another 2 month round of DCA before the last MRI. After being told there was nothing they could do for him about three and half years ago, he is now cancer free! Apparently the tumor has died and is no longer active. The MRI report states that there is "No evidence of tumor locally", so it appears the large tumor in ***'s head is gone or has died.

It may have been a combination of treatments, but one has to believe the DCA played an important role in the process.

Thank you for your efforts and help!"

(We spoke on the phone after I received this email. The patient's last chemo was in 2007. So the DCA was a substantial element in the response. The chemo was a mix of cisplatin and etoposide. Additionally, he drinks a lot of coffee and tea and takes a calcium supplement. As a side note, he lost the sight in one eye due to damage from a radiation treatment destroying the optic nerve.

Email 8 April 2010
Hi. .... In the latter case I met the lady while she was under going chemo therapy and she and her daughter who has her medical power of attorney agreed to haver her try DCA. Well despite the fact that she was unable to quit smoking, her lung cancer is remission thanks very much to DCA. Her doctors are aware she has been taking DCA have little else to attribute her existance other than the DCA. This lady also is a brittle diabetic yet some how has managed to put her cancer in remission......

Email, 30 March 2010

I would also like to tell you one of my secondary prostate cancer patients PSA is not now measurable, pretty amazing!!

Email, 16 March 2010
The good news is that, after only ONE DAY on DCA, the numbness and tingling (which has been steadily increasing in strength in the hand and arm of the side with the extremely cancerous breast) is at least 70% better. I keep thinking I might be kidding myself about this, but I keep feeling my fingers and for the first time in over a month they actually feel normal. Also the horrible gastritis which has been plaguing my guts for about three months seems to have done about 30-40% healing. And this is just two days now. Can this really be?

Email, 11 January 2010 (follow-up to this Pseudomyxoma email)

Hi Mr. Tassano.
Just wanted to update you and let you know that my dad's latest scan again shows no more tumor growth. It had enlarged prior to DCA use but since he's been on it the tumor has not gotten bigger according to the two scans over the past nine months. Doctor says he's NEVER seen a cancer that slow moving. ;) ...

Email, 14 December 2009

Hi Jim,

... I started DCA in February with a PSA Doubling Time of less than six weeks. The following chart shows my PSADT since then. DCA certainly affected my DT which was wonderful seeing as I am considered as now having Androgen Independent PC by Dr. *****.

After increasing my DCA intake from 10mg/kg/day to 15mg/kg/day, I saw a decrease in my PSA from 3.9 to 3.46. Previously I saw a drop in PSA the month before I restarted ADT3.

Then while on both ADT3 and 10mg/kg/day DCA my PSA rose from 3.11 to 3.9 in 15 days which triggered my starting to take a 50% stronger dose of DCA to see what might happen.

I attached my PSADT chart since starting DCA at a PSA of 1.44 and a PSADT of less than six weeks. A couple results below are clearly outriders. Unfortunately I am unable to clearly say yet that the PSA drop was because of restarting ADT3 or because of the DCA or both but these latest results are more hopeful. Should actually wait and see if future PSA results are stable or still dropping ....


Email, 15 September 2009
Hello Jim! It's been about 6 months since our last update, and I wanted to let you know how ...............has been doing. The large tumor in his head continues to shrink and has become inactive, or dormant. This is really amazing considering that he was only given 6 months to live in early 2007. DCA & MMS are the only therapies we have used since last chemo in mid-2007. Of course we will never really know if it was the chemo, or chemo + DCA, or DCA & MMS that has halted the growth of this nasty tumor, but something is working. Maybe it was all of the above and a lot of praying. We are thankful to god and we are thankful to you for all of your efforts to help people with this terrible disease.
.....................has decided to take a break from using DCA for a while because of the side effects, but continues to use the MMS. We will continue to monitor the status of the cancer, and will consider using DCA again if the situation changes.
Thank you!

Email 6 September 2009 "After 11 chemo treatments after major tumor removal for stage 4 colon cancer my cancer markers stayed at or around 4.2. After taking DCA every other day for 2 wks. it dropped to 2.1."

Email, 23 August 2009. "*** is really doing much better. She is not coughing nearly as much and there is no fluid building up in the lungs. She has a "peel" around the left lung and a few pockets in and around the right lung. In the past she has lots of plueral effusions and they even recommended a pleurodsis which she never got. ..."

and from 22 June 2009 "We noticed a distinct difference once she started using. Mainly, she felt pain inside her lungs indicating to us that the tumors were breaking down. It seems to have accelerated the process of breaking down the tumors. She is doing IPT and vit C once a week. She has stage four and tumors spread throughout the upper torso, mostly in the chest. Started to have more trouble breathing as tumors in the chest began to swell as they started to break down. Then she started the DCA and it got worse and more painful for about two weeks. But then the breathing got much better. Have not taken any Pet scans yet but we know it is headed in the right direction."

Regarding a breast cancer spread to the lungs.

20 July 2009. Uploaded a great DCA metastatic colon cancer story. Laurine Kress gives the full story. Link.

16 July 2009, Emailed report showing what might be a complete remission of a NSCLC. This case does not involve DCA. It is a very detailed and valuable to all cancer patients. Link.

Email, 30 June 2009. "...regarding the DCA my 88 year old father has been taking. ...Dad seems to be experiencing wonderful results with his use since May 30. He was diagnosed with advanced stage (3A or B, was into some nodes) non-small cell lung cancer, and at the time he began taking DCA was quite short of breathe, making 2 or 3 stops getting from their condo door, to the car. He was coughing continuously, and was unable to lie down for any length of time, having to sit up for most of the night. He had started some wheezing. Had not had an appetite for quite some time, and had lost 12 pounds, I believe. Within a week of taking the DCA, we started to notice improvement.....his cough getting better....and gradually became non-existent. He makes it to the car, now, with no trouble breathing. The wheezing is gone. His appetite has been great. He's sleeping well, and in bed again, through the night. He seems to be back to his normal self. Currently he has opted to put radiation on hold, and continue with the DCA regime he has been on. My parents means are limited, and they are insured under ***. They are living in ***. I am back in ***, , after being with them 3 weeks, but am trying to see what I can do to get them more DCA.

Email 16 June 2009
" My Mom was DX with GBM in Feb 08. We started DCA that May along with the standard treatment. She's continued DCA until now-- a small dose daily-- and she's doing wonderfully!
Just returned to work and excited to be expecting her first grandchild.
I'm sure the conventional treatment along with DCA killed the beast-- and hopefully it will continue to do that!

Thanks for all of your help!

Email 15 June 2009
Hi Jim,

I wanted to let you know what information we have so far about my dad's cancer and DCA use.

He has a rare form of cancer called Pseudomyxoma Peritonei or PMP. It's a very rare form of cancer that starts in the appendix. It's so rare that many people who have it are often misdiagnosed. On top of that most doctors are unfamiliar with it and have to refer the patient to a specialist at another hospital. There are only a handful of surgeons in the country that are able to perform the debulking surgery, also called the "mother of all surgeries", where they go in a remove all the tumor. I checked recently for a list of doctor's who can do it and if memory serves me correctly I believe there were only 12 in the whole country. The disease creates a jelly-like substance that eventually fills the abdominal area and if untreated will end up killing the patient. Thus the "debulking" surgery I mentioned is used to remove the tumors. My father had about 13 pounds removed. They also
directly pour heated "chemicals" into the abdomen at the time of the surgery in attempt to kill of the remaining cancer cells. It's an unusual treatment for an unusual cancer.

Anyway, this is where DCA comes in. They started my father in chemotherapy again about a year ago now, because scans revealed a 2.5 cm spot on his liver. 3 months later the scans revealed no change however they decided to take him of the chemo' for awhile due to the side effects and since in my dad's case it seems to be slow growing. Three months later he had another scan and the spot had doubled in size to 5 cm. This is when I contacted you about DCA. He started it about 1 month after the scan I just mentioned showing the growth to 5 cm. Two months after that he had another scan and there was _no growth_. We're really hoping it's the DCA, and it seems that's a strong possibility based on what I've learned about it. I had him on 12 mg per kg of body weight. He has another scan in 4 months and we're feeling positive. I'll let you know of the results.

I'd like to mention that since PMP is so rare, there's very little information on it and data on it is very limited compared to other cancers. I did alot of digging trying to find any information regarding any effects DCA might have on PMP. I didn't expect to find anything but actually found an anonymous comment left on a cancer patients blog. The person said that they had a friend who had PMP, started taking DCA and her tumors started to shrink. It's not much in the way of testimonials but that coupled with all the other DCA success stories I've heard and it's apparent effectiveness on a variety of cancers gave me some confidence. We're planning on keeping him on DCA since he's having virtually no side effects other than some minor neuropathy.....

Email 14 June 2009
" I take between 550 and 600 mg of DCA daily Mon-Fri. I also take 2000 mg of green tea extract and 500 mg of Benfotiamine and 600 mg of R-Lipoic Acid daily. I have prostate cancer and have been on the DCA protocol for about 16 weeks. I also take many other supplements including prostasol. I am having great results (my PSA has come down from 27 to 0.08). "

Email, 11 May 2009
[I used] DCA for a cat with a grape-sized tumor growing on the outside of its face next to its nostrils. It was considered inoperable as what was inside was extensive. The cat was give an appropriate amount in its drinking water. The tumor first developed a bloody crack. Within 4 or 5 months the tumor completely disappeared, leaving no visible trace. The cat never appeared to be ill during the entire process and is alive and well today.

Chat room post, 10 May 2009.
Mantle Cell Lymphoma

Began DCA March 31, 2009.
May 2009 - lymph nodes on left jaw reduced 50% by sight and touch. In March I was contemplating visiting my mother who does not know I have cancer. (I could not bring myself to tell her since she cannot do anything except be worried and upset.) I told my wife that we will have to tell my mom because the protuberance on my jaw is too apparent for her not to see. Today my wife and I think that we can avoid the confession since the lump is reduced enough that my mother will not notice it.

The other swollen nodes on my neck remain stable with no increase or reduction in size.

Make of it what you will. I am hopeful.

DCA - 10 mg/kg body weight, 1 x day with coca cola
Caffeine - 300mg daily in form of "Buzz Bites" chocolate squares.
R Alpha Lipoic Acid - 100mg, 3 x day
Magnesium - 500mg 1 x day
Vitamin B1 (Benefotiamine) - 150mg, 3 x day
Vitamin B's-100mg - 3 x day

Other Supps -
LDN - 4.5mg, 1x day (immune system)
Beta Glucan - 1000mg, 1 x day (immune system)
Pancreatic Enzymes - 2 -3 x day (empty stomach)
Lactoferrin - 500mg, 1 x day (anti-fungal, bacterial)
Fish Oil - caps or liquid, 3 x day

Will probably go back on Artemisinin soon.

DCA caused nausea initially. Started "2 days on - 2 days off" for 2 weeks.
Presently DCA causing poor appetite. Took DCA "3 weeks on - 1 week off" for one month to present.
Will continue DCA again for 3 weeks and then go "5 days on - 2 days off" for couple months.

Hope this helps someone. Thank you Jim and Heather for everything. And to Sandra and others who wrote in with suggestions for my initial side-effects from DCA.
Regards, Larry

Pancreatic cancer story, on chat room. (10 May 2009)
My mother has also pancreas cancer, diagnosed on 26 Jan 2009.We started DCA as soon as possible, together with the chemo. The latest Pet-scan (late april) showed stabilized tumor on the pancreas and the metastases on the liver were hardly seen. Thx to this we just had 3 months extra up to now.
She takes the standard chemo, 5 cups of black tea a day, B1, B6 and B12 and DCA (10 mg/kg/day in 1/2l/once a day/ of water) up to now. No side effects,except of the chemo,no coffee,and some extra homoeopathy tablets.
She lost about 20kg since december, but thats also due to the sugarfree diet (diagnosed with diabetis II), and the weight has been stabilised since beginning of march.
Every day she's got another day of quality, is another feast.
Is the DCA the answer? Well..., we're hoping, searching, researching, sharing, but most of all believing. And there's no wrong in discussing! Everyone can learn from that, we all get rich by doing this.

Email, 27 April 2009
Thought I'd let you know NO CANCER. Looks like the DCA works thanks. PL.

From an earlier email: "I have colon cancer. It has infected ( 2) two limph nodes and could mastasize to my liver or lungs. I heard about DCA . I have nothing to loose why not try it. Thanks PL

Email 27 April 2009

Hi Jim, ... I have just completed my third week of dca. My swallowing has improved dramatically. I was choking on almost every bite, I now have only choked one time in the last ten days. The tumor is definitely getting smaller. Hopefully the progress will continue. Again, thank you very much. I will keep you updated. [from a separate email: "I am drinking 8 large cups of black tea per day, I am taking 1000 mg of B1. The tumor seems to shrinking each and every day. I am also taking cantron, *** (a nutritional supplement that cannot be named) and intramax. ... (without the DCA) I would have needed a feeding tube.]

Email, 27 April 2009
Two great breast cancer remissions reported by a Malaysian clinic. Big story, full details. Link

Email 24 April 2009
Hi Jim and all,
"I wanted to update you on my progress. I was unable to obtain more DCA last November, by December I could feel another node in my neck and under my arms. Scared me to death as my lymphoma seemed to be going toward my brain. I went to an oncologist. They did a bone marrow biopsy, and there was no cancer, I repeat, NO LYMPHOMA cells in my bone marrow. DCA cleaned my bone marrow up. My lymphoma did not grow as long as I was taking the DCA. ...."
Thank you,

Emails, 19 and 20 March 2009 (a follow-up on this 11 July email)
Jim...A short update on progress...the latest MRI imaging findings are basically stable. We
are please to report that the large tumor in ***'s head has not changed since last scans.
Remember that this a very aggressive tumor, and he was given only 6 months to live over
2 years ago. Is it a coincidence that he has been using DCA now for about 2 years? Last
chemo was about 1 year and 8 months ago. Although Dad has not been cured...we are counting our blessing that this aggressive tumor has not grown or spread since starting the DCA treatment. The oncologist is not aware of his DCA use, but is very please with Dad's progress. After taking a 30 day break, he is starting back on a regular DCA schedule of 5 days on and 2 days off with a one week break every 3-4 weeks like he has over the past 2 years.

....regimen of: Daily dose of MMS and supplements including Alpha Lipoic Acid 300mg, B-1 500mg, CO Q10. He also drinks coffee and herbal tea. approximately 3-4 cups daily.

Email, 11 March 2009


Email 11 March 2009

…”Well, I am contacting you because I received some disturbing news late last night. My sister-in-law just informed us that she has cancer in both her throat (thyroid I believe) and her uterus. She is still so young, only 36 years old and has 4 small children and a husband to care for. She has been battling with this on her own for quite some time trying not to cause the family not to worry, but it seems as if she is about to give up because the medicines her doctors are giving her are causing more harm than good. But I have seen this product efficiently work with both my mother and my uncle, in which my Uncle was told he had stage 4 cancer and within a few months of taking the DCA was re-staged and now his cancer is at stage 1 with little to no trace. Right now, I am trying to get as much useful information as I can to give her so that she can fight this fight with the understanding that there is still hope for her recovery. “

Email, 26 February 2009
Hi Jim,
...My mother, who began DCA on November 19, 2008 has had her first Cat Scan since commencing DCA (last previous scan was Nov 5/08). She has pancreatic cancer (tumour removed March 19, 2008) and mets to lungs were noticed on the Nov 5 scan. This most recent scan, although revealing minute growth of the larger lung nodules and an increase in the number of nodules, was pleasing to the oncologist who said "things appear fairly stable." However, she has developed peripheral neuropathy (mild, I would say, and despite taking B1 and R-alpha lipoic acid). Although I can't say with any certainty that the DCA has slowed the cancer's progress, perhaps it has....

Email 22 February 2009

Hi ... An 83 year old neighbour has been on DCA for 5 months, she has lung cancer. Her recent scan showed the tumor has shrunk 1 cm in 5 months. Her Doctor is amazed as well..... Jeannette [she used DCA] who was cancer free for 2 years passed away in mid-December. I believe the cancer had gone up to her throat and was cutting off her air supply. ... Thank you.

follow-up email...

Hi Jim - I think Jeanette ended up with some type of esophagus cancer. Yes I knew her, she came from *** to spend a few months with her sister (***) here in ***. At that time she was finding it very hard to breath and was coughing up blood. She was good enough to answer a lot of our questions about DCA and her experience with lung cancer. ..... ***, her sister wasn't too sure what she eventually died from except it restricted her breathing - ...... the DCA she took gave her another 2 years.
***, my neighbour, was diagnosed with lung cancer 2 years ago, which was just a small spot, they done nothing for her, but when it got to be 12 cm they wanted to operate, do radiation and all that stuff, but she refused. She is 83 years old. She was one of Jeannette's audience last summer and started taking DCA in Sept./Oct. and as I said previously her tumor is down to 10 cm. Her cancer, as most are, is at the top of one lung. ...

and another follow-up email...

Something I didn't tell you was that Jeannette continued to smoke while taking DCA, possibly the cause of what killed her, *** is also a smoker and still is, but has cut down a lot. ...

Email 12 February 2009
[relates to a formerly "terminal and conventionally untreatable PPC disease/Ovarian Cancer "]

Hi Jim,
Mom is doing very well!!! To summarize, we have been doing the DCA treatments since the fall of 2007. All CT scans and blood work since implementing DCA, illustrate a definite stabilization of the disease, in addition to a marked decrease in all small tumors. It’s humorous to note that the oncological- radiologists assume she is taking chemo and dictate a “good response” to treatment and subsequent “marked improvement” on her reports!
She takes 500 mg or 1/8 teaspoon or ½ gram of the DCA in 500 ml of H20, over 24 hrs. (She’s approx, 130lbs). This goes on for a 5 day ON, 2 day OFF schedule. On a daily basis, we have added the following; 200 mg of caffeine (Tab) in the am, B100 complex tabs, senior mulit vits, vit D- 1000mg, and Omega 3:6:9.
She has no medical issues at present. No ascites, no pain, normal BP, normal kidney and liver function, normal CBC/Diff etc. The Ca125 tumor maker has dropped from almost 3000 to approx 350.
She now enjoys an excellent quality of life and has even planned a trip to Maui! The oncologist remains perplexed to say the least! Sadly all of her fellow cancer- friends met at various appointments in the gyne department of the cancer hospital have died on the recommended protocols and treatment plans.
She was initially told she may live a year with traditional treatments. She did agree to the initial treatment plans and endured 34 unsuccessful, tormenting, traditional chemos and an initial debulking surgery. Once the chemo took its toll on her body and proved to be failing we did meet with the team. Once the oncologist had nothing left to offer, and began talking of palliative care options we demanded what is referred to as a “second debulking” surgery (common in Germany) and started on DCA post-operatively. Needless to say, there was no looking back! Thank you again for your continued care and support as our family continues this difficult journey.

Email from a European doctor, 12 February 2009, in response to an enquiry from me about the combination of laetrile and DCA. This enquiry was prompted by the Brain cancer story.

Hi Jim,

Yes, we do combine laetrile with DCA. The best results we experienced in adenocarcinomas.
We also add a complete dietary and metabolic programme.
There are some "miraculous" recoveries as well. For example lung cancer with lymphoglandular and liver metastases disappeared, the primary tumor has shrinked and scleritized.

Brain cancer story Link (6 Feb 2009)

Email, 19 January 2009 on Tim McGough's great lymphoma response. Click here to read the full report.

Email, 19 January 2009. ....By the way my girlfriend from Australia, she had 3 skin cancers (upper breast, neck and on the face under the eye). She was booked to have a surgery back in December but after talking to me she canceled the surgery and decide to try DCA. We ordered DCA from you and I mix up DCA for her with cold boiled water (she kept it in small dark glass bottle). She was using it for around 10 days....all 3 cancers are gone and really its nothing left on her skin.
So that's very good news. In Australia plenty of people have skin cancers so definitely DCA can be answer for them. ....

Many many thanks.


Email, 17 January 2009, from Australia:
Hi Jim
I have breast cancer which has metastasized to my lymph nodes and bones. I was diagnosed in December 2006.

In December 2007 a CAT scan indicated that the cancer had spread further in my lymph nodes. My Oncologist recommended that I undergo Chemo and this was scheduled to begin in February. I started to take DCA in January 2007. At that time my cancer marker was 57. In my first month of taking DCA my cancer marker went down to 38. It is now 21 and I have not had any chemo.

I am a firm believer in the benefits of DCA. Anytime I meet a person who has cancer I explain about DCA and suggest that they have a look at the DCA website.

My closest friend has just been diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer. I have given her DCA and am encouraging her strongly to give it a go.

Josephine F.

Email 9 January 2009. "Unfortunately, as I just learned, Jeanette ***, DOB - April 2, 1941, ..., died Jan 02, 2009 at 12:55. At this point we do not know the cause of death." Jeanette, a lung cancer victim, was the first great remission reported using DCA.

Email 9 January 2009 (regarding a prostate cancer) "... I am doing fantastically well, DCA has slowed my disease doubling time from 24 days to 34.75 months. Bottom line: the situation is now non-threatening. ...."

Email, 24 December 2008. Vince, the fire fighter with sarcoidosis reports: "I AM COMPLETELY CURED WITH NO SYMPTOMS AT ALL " (Sarcoidosis page)

Email and reports, 19 December 2008. Kidney cancer update. link

Email, 24 November 2008, Followup to previous post:

"Jim, some news on Dad's last MRI's. The large tumor in his head  is stable with some more decrease in size. The doctor said something to the effect, that he wasn't even sure if the cancer was even active. I think he is scratching his head, wondering what is going on? We are thankful and now believe the DCA is playing a part in his continued improvement. Dad has not had any chemo now for over one year and four months :) He is using 1/4 Tsp 4 day a week, with 3 days off because of muscle weakness and fatigue. He is also using the MMS frequently in small doses for maintenance and to keep infections under control."

(Followup email, 4 December 2998: "Anyway, it must be the DCA that has stopped the cancer from growing and spreading. We were given six months back in Jan 2007 from the cancer center in **** and here we are now going on 2 years. Truly a miracle! The doctors at *** should be informed of this...maybe they are by now, I sure hope so. Is there any hope of main stream medicine waking up and listening to the DCA story?")

Email, November 17, 2008. Click here to read an in-depth email regarding a great response from a colo-rectal cancer patient.

Email, November 2008. Dr. Wim Huppes of the Netherlands shares his prostate cancer story with everyone. There are references to him on this page. Here is his story in his own words. Link

Email 12 November 2008 (Hodgkins's Lymphoma)
Hi Jim,
*** (my 22 yr old son) has taken (... DCA). His lymph nodes in the neck are back to normal. The oncologist said she has never seen such a dramatic response to chemo after just one week. :-) She said we could expect the same tumor lysis in the 6 CM node under the sternum and hopefully the 8 cm invasion of the spleen.

We did MMS initially for two weeks and DCA for 4 weeks before submitting to ABVD chemo treatment. The oncologist was concerned as to where we had been for the 6 weeks. We decided to try the DCA combined with Gerson therapy, Budwig protocol, Apricot kernels/freeze dried goji berries/acai supplement, coffee enemas, vitamin D, limiting meat and dairy, living and raw diet, for 6 weeks before doing the chemo. We wanted to give his body all the nutrition possible before doing the chemo. We had reduced the tumor size by 50% before staring the chemo. He has not been sick at all and feels great. He did experience Herksheimer reaction to MMS at 9 drop level and another upon starting DCA at 12 mg/kg and 15 drop MMS. We did the 12 mg DCA/once daily, for two weeks and then doubled by doing morning and night, 24 mg/kg per 24 hours. We did this for four weeks.
We will not have another PET for another 6 weeks. His abdomen now sounds normal to the oncologists surprise, as it had a dull sound 6 weeks ago. This was caused by the Hodgkins causing a 8cm growth in his spleen.
Best regards

Email, 8 November 2008: regarding GIST "gastro-intestinal stromal tumours".

It is a detailed email, well done. Please click here to read it.

Email, 3 November 2008. ".... my husband who is battling Stage 4 colon cancer. He started taking the DCA and since then has had some improvement in his overall health. He no longer is having sleepless nights from the pain of the cancer and his energy level has increased. We know the cancer hasn't disappeared but feel that he can get it under control again and will be interested to see what his next scan shows. "

Email 31 October 2008:
"Dimitrisk" who posts on the chat room has sent us an excellent summary of his sister's breast cancer story. Click here to read it.

Email, 30 October 2008: Glioblastoma
I left message for you approxiamtely Oct 5th to call me after researching DCA for my wife -36 yrs old- who was told (after 3 1/2 yrs of fighting recurring multiple brain tumors) that she was being put on the last treatment ( Avastin ) that she wasn't a candidate for til Jan. 09 due to multiple brain surgeries in April and May 08 and you called me back that night. Thank you so much !!!!! Total tumors around 13 1 in 2005 1 in March 2008 ( removed ) 2 in Apr 2008 ( 1 removed 1 stereotactic radiation laser ) then 4 in Aug 2008 ( all shot with laser ) then on update day 9/27/08 placed on Avastin last effort. Last scan 9/27/08 showed multiple tumors 2 3cm x 2.5cm and several smaller ones ( really almost to many to track in moments of shock but guessing 5 more than that ) entire left cerebral hemisphere swelled to point of pushing midline to right side, Left ventricle almost totally closed. Since our conversation we started DCA on 10/12 1 gram daily w B1 300 mg daily, fish oil, low caffeine and vitamin C (which we dropped on 20th ). She also on Temodar 300 mg 5 days on 8 off, Avastin in port 5 mg every 14 days, decadron 16 mg and lots of other stuff. Now the great news - 32 days later - 12 grams DCA - 1 gram, 12 days. Her oncologist honestly didn't know what to say. She hadn't reviewed scan or report til we were in her office and she put cd in and started at top ,worked down and up and back down. I was behind her anticipating results - immediately noticed midline was straight as an arrow and as I was looking for tumors I kept thinking where are they, maybe not the right scan, looked at ledger it said *****r 10 / 28 / 08. Then saw highlight of what was 2 larger tumors turned to one smaller tumor and very few light spots on scan 1 tumor looked about the same (pea size or so). Will download scans and send to you with verified reports. Her oncologist said with her head nodding up and down this looks really good . We are sure its the DCA because she has had Temodar 3 times now and not seen results this quickly, usually the need repeat scans and overlap to baseline scan to see a difference. Has always been 3 - 6 months. Honestly think Avastin may be helping a little but hurting her more. But cannot mention DCA to doctors because I already mentioned it sometime ago and then I received phone call from financial counselor saying there was a problem with insurance and I needed to straighten things out or they would transfer her out of there to another treatment center closer to our home. So Avastin stays and we get results. My wife laughed and smiled for first time in long time on way home. That moment was the highlight of our lives, we have had several bad scan results as you can tell and without DCA we were expecting the worse shortly. Please do anything with this info that you want to .....Tommy Janet and kids / (see posts by "Tommy" on the chat room)

September 10, 2008. Grouppe Kurosawa blog, A great liver cancer remission was reported on the Grouppe Kurosawa site. DCA was part of the protocol. In case the link is lost, here is a copy. An interesting quote from the article: "Dr. Martin has over and over said 'NO ANTIOXIDANTS!" I am convinced. They feed your cancer."

9 October 2008, Belgium News report: (news link)
Belgen overwinnen kanker met dichloorazijnzuur
BRUSSEL - Twee Vlaamse kankerpatiënten claimen dat hun tumoren zijn verkleind door het slikken van dichloorazijnzuur (DCA). Dat is een op internet verkrijgbaar product dat niet officieel als medicijn tegen kanker is erkend.
De twee Vlamingen slikken de pillen al enige maanden en met goed gevolg, zo zeggen ze donderdag in de Vlaamse krant Het Laatste Nieuws. Dichloorazijn wordt al wel tientallen jaren gebruikt tegen stofwisselingsziekten.
DCA is geen erkend geneesmiddel tegen kanker. Wel werd het middel aan de universiteit van Alberta (Canada) met succes uitgetest op ratten die waren besmet met menselijke kankercellen. In dat onderzoek stierven de kankercellen af zonder dat er gezonde cellen werden aangetast.
DCA is evenmin een beschermd product, wat het lastig maakt geld te vinden voor noodzakelijke onderzoek. Investeerders zullen hun geld immers niet eenvoudig terug kunnen verdienen door het later te verkopen.

Bill, the individual with bile duct cancer mentioned in the remissions, sent us two reports from June showing he still appears to be in remission. Link

Email 23 Sept 2008
Hi Jim,
... *** has been taking it (DCA) in the last 3 weeks and has definitely seen results. There is a slight reduction on the tumor in his neck. The grape size bump by his colar bone is completely gone. He is also feeling great, alot have more energy, increased appetite and best of all, his night sweats has disappeared. He is taking DCA with 1000 mg of Vit. B1 and 1000 mg of green tea extract plus mt dews, his favorite soda. We are so excited about the results.
Tim is having a neck biopsy in the next couple of weeks. The oncologist needs to determine if his lymphoma has transformed into an aggressive type hence the need for the biopsy. Then we will make the decision on which treatment he is going to get. *** is hoping that by that time he will benefit more from DCA. ......

Followup email, Sept 24, 2008 ... ***m has been open about taking DCA with his primary doctor and even the doc was astounded by the way *** looked when we went to see him last Monday compared to 3 weeks ago, *** has come along ways. His docs only concern is the toxicity of DCA which we have been researching like crazy. We still have alot to learn but so far we are just ecstatic about the results. Tim does not have any side effects either. Which is amazing. ..."

Telephone call, 23 September 2008:
I spoke with a gentleman who told me his amazing pancreatic cancer story. He has been on DCA for 5 weeks. He had a two inch tumor on his pancreas. He just had a CAT scan and the doctor told him he could not see the tumor. The cancer had metastasized to his liver and the doctor said his liver looked better too. Additionally this gentleman has Gers that had metastasized to his bones. His PSA was at 90 and is now at 22. He says he feels much better and has no more pain in his joints. He takes a dose of 10 mg/kg every day, 7 days a week. He drinks a lot of black tea and takes B1. I asked about side effects and he said he has not had any.

Email, 20 September 2008

"I wanted to share this with you...my dad gets his PSA tested monthly and he was taking flutamide (an anti-androgen) for many years since his 1994 prostate cancer diagnosis. I gave him the DCA here and there..maybe 2/3 500mg capsules a week. He was not on the flutamide at that time because a bone scan showed he had osteoporosis and could have a hip fracture from the hormone therapy. I gave him DCA, 2 things 1) the PSA dropped from 2.5 to 1.25 and the lymphomas on his arms and back went down. One was purple/bluish and is now skin tone and much smaller. Amazing stuff this DCA. "

Great kidney cancer response. Link to doctor's reports.

Email, 10 September 2008

"G is a male in his early 70’s who had gallbladder cancer in 2006. He had had his gallbladder removed and has gone through the recommended chemo and radiation. His cancer didn’t come back until July 2008. In July it was discovered that it was in his liver. He didn’t feel well and had been losing weight. He lacked energy and napped a lot. He also was looking a bit yellow. He was told he had 6 months to live and chemo could extend it to a year. He was also told that the chemo would not cure it and that the tumor was large and inoperable. Glenn decided not to do chemo. After he started the dca he got some of his appetite back. We believe the dca took away the yellow complexion. He is pale, but not yellow. He has been taking it 6 days on and 1 day off for two months now at 10 to 12 mg/kg per day but divided up into two daily doses. He has gotten more shaky and tired and has fallen a few times. He also drinks a caffeinated cup of coffee and a cup of black tea each day and takes B vitamins. Although he is tired and weak, he is not bedridden, can still drive, and is taking nothing for pain and has no nausea. He has an appointment with a new doc to discuss chemo embolization of the tumor. We don’t know if dca can heal him, but we do think this is giving him a better quality of life than the chemo would have."

9 Sept 2008. See the uploaded scans, doctor's reports and patient report for a lymphoma remission.

4 September 2008. Fantastic glioblastoma post on chat room.
Additional.. email, 14 April 2009: "I wish to add, that as of her last MRI, about a month ago, there is no trace of the tumour, not even any enhancement shows. She is presently off all cancer medication (including DCA) and will have three monthly MRI controls, instead of bimonthly up till now. She is a Psychologist and as of this month she is back at her office, working at a reduced schedule. She tires easily and needs to gain strength. So far the miracle continues.
With my best regards to you all

Email 22 August 2008 (and extracts from earlier email exhanges:

...i am 6 month without chemo
i am now under medical treatment with my cancer doktor.....
dca saves my live thank very much

greetings from belgium

from earlier emails:
dca has saved my live and 2 other persons in the same hospital.

de results of my cancer are positif, for 3 month no chemo, the first time in 2 years.
the dissemination has stop in the liver and no more metastases in my blood.
i am the first patient in belgium who lives longer than 2 years with colon cancer and metastases to the liver. (this is listed below also)

Email, 9 August 2008
My sister is still alive. She's been on DCA now 8 months since we were told she had days to live.

Notes from an earlier email: 71 year old; primary cancer: NSCLC - adenocarcinoma Stage IV
Metastasis: Several large tumors in the brain Stage IV Treatment prior to DCA: Extensive chemo and radiation to the lungs - then palliative radiation to the brain finished mid Nov 07

Follow up to this story, 21 December 2008 email. Link

Email, 31 July 2008
Hello Jim,

...My wife had Pancreatic cancer almost two years ago and I have been giving her DCA ,Tributyrin, and DHA has a prophylactic ever since, on a decidedly irregular schedule. We don't subject her to scans since the disease is untreatable so I can't say for sure whether any of these treatments have worked, but she is still alive and feels good. ....

Lastly, you may want to post the attached article about Nigella Sativa oil, it appears that it may be useful in some cancers, especially Pancreatic. Yes, I have my wife on it as we speak. (I purchase the oil from an on-line company called Devine-Herbs)

followup email:
I forgot to mention that my wife did have the Whipple surgery to remove the PC tumor and a few rounds of chemo afterwards (she had to quit due to side effects), but two years is still pretty good for this type of cancer.

I don't mind you posting excerpts but please make it clear that I have no proof that the DCA, Tributyrin, DHA, regimin is working. I don't want to raise anyone's hopes or expectations.

And this email sent by this individual to another person with pancreatic cancer, offering more advice
" Hello ***. I'm very sorry to hear about your condition and will help in any way I can. (My wife) was diagnosed two years ago and had her Whipple surgery immediately after. Anyway, at this point she is taking DCA (10 MG/kG), DHA (from algae) and Nigella sativa (Black seed oil). Her diet is mostly veg. but she eats some low fat cheese and chicken and rarely beef. She takes prescription enzymes with every thing she eats. "

Email 11 July 2008
Hello Jim...Fyi...***'s last scans were good! The large tumor in his head is still shrinking with no sign of metastatic disease. The cancer appears to be in remission, and we can only hope and pray this trend continues. It has been about one year since last chemo and we are now believing that the dca & mms is working. Of course we are not able to say anything to his doctors for fear of being dropped, and not have access to medical testing & monitoring.

Phone call, June 27, 2008. I got an encouraging call from a 46 year old gentleman, “W” using DCA to fight glioblastoma multiforme. He had an MRI done about one week ago and got very good results.
He has been on DCA since April 16 2008. W is also using Gleevec and a natropathic called Ruta-6 ( a homeopathic Indian remedy). W was diagnosed last year with glioblastoma. He has had 2 surgeries and chemo. His previous MRI’s were “not great’. The MRI he got on June 12 was a complete turnaround. W said his neuro-oncologist came in, very happy, and told him that his tumor had shrunk significantly and that 100 percent of his swelling was gone. The doctor went on to say “We have never seen anything like it."  Interestingly, this doctor, an oncologist, was the one who prescribed the DCA for W. The dose was one 500 mg capsule of DCA once a day. W weighs 172 pounds. W used a rate of about 6.4 mg/kg of DCA. W does NOT drink caffeine.

W said he experienced some side effects about one week ago. He said he felt “torn apart” emotionally. A depression. It has since passed. Gleevec is known to do this. http://www.rxlist.com/cgi/generic/gleevec_ad.htm . People have reported depression as a side effect of DCA. He may also have had some TLS aspects, since the tumor is located near the emotion center, his doctor told him.

From an email from "W" on 2 July 2008: " I also take naturopathic remedies including: fish oil, flax seeds, hemp nut, liquid shark extract.  I have made dietary changes:  striving to greatly reduce sugar intake and have eliminated milk, cut down on red meat, eat organic foods.  I try to eat raw vegetables, fruits."

NOTES: Ruta-6 has been shown to cause apoptosis in brain cancers. http://www.virtualtrials.com/pdf/ruta6.pdf There is a yahoo group devoted to Ruta-6. http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Ruta6/

Email 21 June 2008
Hi Jim,
I thought I'd give you a bit of an update. Sally (my dog) hasn't been visibly worsening even though it's suppose to be a painful and rapidly progressing cancer (diagnosed in January). I've even began cutting back on her pain medication. She use to not bear much weight on the affected hind leg but now she puts her full weight on it, although the mass (carcinoma of some type) hasn't shrunk much if at all. I didn't think my dog would still be alive in June and I'm starting to believe DCA is extending her lifespan. She is on the caffeine, B1, omega3 plan. ***  
(from an earlier email: My dog was diagnosed with cancer in her rear leg)
Thanks Jim

Email 14 June 2008 from Europe. "...Now my father is diagnosed with prostate cancer and he is using DCA. his PSA figures are dropping down fast."

Email, 4 June 2008
Dear Jim,
Still good news from (a European country). It is more than 8 month ago now, since a tumor was discovered in my father’s pancreas. He is almost 80 years now and still going strong. He is still using DCA and we all think it really helps. He suffers from some side effects ( no feeling in fingertips and toes). That is also the reason that he takes a bitt less and only on even days!.

Email, 31 May 2008
Hi Jim and all,
First I want to thank all of you, and the DCA site for tuning me in (and as the old phrase goes) and turning me on to DCA. It took time, but I finally received my 50 gram bottle about 2 weeks ago.
My symptoms were as follows: Night sweats which were most noticeable early in the mornings after about 5 hours of sleep, I would sweat profusely. Severe Pain: in my lower ribs, probably from the bone marrow cancer causing pressure inside of the bones irritating the sheath on the outer edges of the bones which contain nerves. Note: This bone pain travels, sometimes in my jaw bone, sometimes in my hips. It feels like several abcessed teeth (It is severe pain). Lethargy: Just plain and simple, that wiped out feeling. I had no energy at all. I would get up to go to the bathroom and to go to the refrigerator to grab a quick bite to eat. I stayed in bed since March 2007, all through the winter months as well.

My prognosis on Feb.1,2007 was 6 months to 18 months. I have Non-hogekins, B cell, Mantle cell Lymphoma with bone marrow involvement, stage 4E. Lymph nodes in abdomen (both sides) one against the pancreas and lung on the left, one against my liver and lung on the right are both 2"X4" in size. Other lymphnodes are scattered throughout the abdominal cavity as well as the pelvic region. Bone marrow involvement in Feb, 2007 was 50%. Swelling around the waist area is problematic, as my Pants no longer fit me and it is uncomfortable. It is also hot to the touch (the skin). I have noticed since my diagnosis, the most recent problem was the smell. I could smell the cancer as well as everything else, and the smells were disturbing my sleep, which was difficult to come by. I had trouble sleeping due to smells that would wake me. I was also having a disturbance in my hearing. I would lay down and listen to swooshing sounds which were quite loud, as well as what sounded like a motorcycle or chain saw sound off in the distance. I realized after plugging my ears, the sound was in my head.

Bring on the DCA: I received my DCA about 2 weeks ago, finally got myself psyched up to take it on the 21st of May, 2008. I Started with 1/8 teaspoon per dose daily for 4 days, Two 100mg. B1 per day, Curcumin 900mg X 3 per day, Coca-cola 12 oz. X 4 per day, Coffee X 2 per day, 1 cup Cottage cheese with 3 tbsp. flax seed oil & 2 tbsp. thick n chunky salsa X 2 per day, Romaine lettuce, raw brocolli, carrots, Greek Salad dressing, a few M&Ms on occasion, cinnamon bun/roll a few mornings, and about 5 bottles of purified water daily and an occasional Bean Burrito for lunch on those days when I was hungry.

I was lacking in the sleep department, lucky to sleep 1/2 hr. some nights, so I decided to take 2 days off to get my B1 up and add B6 to the mix as well. I immediately noticed the following: I slept like a baby, no night sweats! No Noises! No smells! OMG, I am feeling human again, and Joe noticed it and made the comment that I was getting better! Also noteable, I measured my ribcage area where I swell, and I am measuring 3 inches smaller! The swelling is subsiding. I noticed I would have to make a urine run about 20 to 30 times in a day, water seems to go right through me! I also noticed I am sweating normally when in the hot outdoors! I hadn't sweat normally for years! When I used to sweat (last year) it would sting the surface of my skin, felt like tiny sweat beas stinging me. That too has gone and only after 4 days on! I took off the 25th, 26th and 27th of May. Joe's birthday was on the 28th, so I got out of bed, made a cake and cupcakes for him, emptied the dishwasher and reloaded that, ran the load, went outside and planted flowers all day long. My roses are blooming full force, so I picked a bakers dozen and brought them into the house. The same roses that I really didn't think I'd ever see bloom again. I spent lots of time outside enjoying the fresh air!

The 29th, I began my regimen again. I will update you again soon. I have after one week of treatment had an increase of energy and apetite, less pain (I have fentanyl patch 50mcg. for over 6 months now), less noise in my head, no night sweats (and I had night sweats for over 18 months) and best of all, no smells... oh it was so gross to be able to smell everything. Joe would make fun of me and say I could smell a gnat's fart. I probably could have! I am on my way to recovering, I can feel it! Thank you all so very much! I will keep you informed of my check ups. April 16th I saw my oncologist (before getting my DCA) and naturally he thinks DCA is BS without even reading up on this, and why wouldn't he, this stuff is going to cause him to loose his job (if he has no customers, well, no money) however he had the wonderful bedside manner and said "I expected you to be dead or on life support by now". What a Jerk! Mantle cell cancer is generally slow dividing, as are organ cells. Mantle cell cancer can invade organs. Chemo only kills Rapid dividing cells (ie: saliva glands, lymphatic system, mushy stuff), so chemo was not an option for me, even tho the oncologists try to talk you into it. There was a guy also diagnosed with my type of cancer and he took the offered chemo. He is now on life support and barely breathing, swollen so much he doesn't look human. I'm glad I said NO to chemo, got so scared, I ran a google search to study my cancer and somehow stumbled upon your site, Thank God!
Judy Dowell
You have my expressed permission to use my emails, my name, and all information with fellow members of the DCA site as wll as the general public (in other words, you can post anything I say or write to you). Thank you again!

and this email on June 9th 2008: Well, here's my update. After 2 weeks on DCA, I am pretty much feeling normal. I have the energy I had lost 2 years ago before being diagnosed. I have been planting flowers, pulling weeds all day, catching up on everything. This is giving me the boost I needed to fight this cancer. So far, the smells have gone, the sounds in my ears have gone, the night sweats have ceased, the stinging skin isn't stinging or itching, some of the site swellings are gone, the sites aren't as hot as they were (surface skin temp), appetite is great, I've included zinc 50 mg. for now, some days I go for 100mg., I am taking 3 B1 to 4 B1 a day, sleeping soundly (that's what I missed the most), and my general practitioner is behind me 100%. I am taking a few days off again since on Friday I forgot to eat before taking my zinc, and well, I threw up (I would have done that even without cancer) since my ribs are a bit sore still, I figured another day off would be a smart thing to do. Otherwise, I am doing Great! I'm trying to get as alkaline as possible, plus using the MMS. I plan, as Oracle said, to use lemon juice next week. Sounds good to me.

Email, 24 May 2008
From Europe, regarding a brain cancer:

Things are going very well actually.
The latest mri-scans are showing that the tumor has shrunk 5 mm,and he is doing great.
He takes aboat 550 mg caffeine (capsules) per day, and he also drinks tea and coffee. ..... He takes baking soda and lemon acid (citric acid),mixed in water. 2-3 times per day. ( He takes one teaspoon of each- mixed in one glass of water 2-3 times a day.)

Email 16 May 2008

"That oncoloog here in The Nederlands (who have been free of cancer for 5 months now) have taken week one: 3 x 90 mg/kg week two to eleven: 2 x 60 mg/kg

he wrote later:
if I have to do it again, I would take:
12 weeks: 2 times a week , 90mg/kg

but he wrote also:
15 minutes before DCA he takes 20 gr citric acid.

Googling Dr. Huppes DCA gives hits, all in Dutch.

Whole story (in dutch) link: http://www.xs4all.nl/~indrabbe/JanStuff/mijn_kanker_verhaal.html


Email, May 15, 2008
de results of my cancer are positif, for 3 month no chemo, the first time in 2 years.
the dissemination has stop in the liver and no more metastases in my blood.
i am the first patient in belgium who lives longer than 2 years with coloncancer and metastases to the liver. ....
greetings from Belgium

Email, 10 May 2008
It's update time again. Things had been going well for Meshach since the last update until April 24th. At that time Meshach started urinating strawberry. This is usually a sign of end stage bladder cancer.

Needless to say we were quite upset as things had been going so well. I waited to get an appointment with my Veterinarian until May 7th as I wanted to log sleep times, catch urine samples, get the history prepared, and be as prepared as I could for the visit.
I also decided to start using MMS on the weekends when we stop the DCA so the cancer would not get a break.

The night before the appointment I went out to catch my evening sample and was very surprised and confused when the urine sample was no longer strawberry in color. The next morning it was quite clear also.

I was estatic to learn the strawberry colored urine was from a bladder infection and not the cancer. The veterinarian said the bladder did not feel at all like a dog with bladder cancer. The only thing he could feel was a small area at the top of the bladder that was thicker and was more firm. He said had he not known Meshach had bladder cancer he would have looked at it as an abnormality.
The urine sample showed small amounts of red and white blood cells under the microscope. By far the greatest number of cells were bladder cancer cells in various stages of development being sloughed off by the bladder.

Although the cancer is not totally gone we feel it won't be around much longer. For a dog that was supposed to be dead in between December 15 and January15 he is doing fantastic. Vet said ihe looks good for 2 more years. Meshach is 8.5 years old and a very large dog. They usually only live around 10 years. I took this to mean he felt like we do, that the cancer would soon be gone and bladder cancer would not be the reason for him dying.

Thanks for everything. Will be contacting you in the near future.

(You can read other posts about Mesach on this page. Just search the name.)

Email, 6 May 2008: ".......It (DCA) is helping my fibromyalgia. ......."

Email 3 May 2008. Europe: "... In the last 2 months of using DCA my tumour has gone down 40%, when I take the DCA dose with a drink of energy drink (for the caffeine) after 40 minutes I can actually feel a warm feeling around the tumour so I know its working......" non small cell lung cancer.

Email, April 23, 2008
Jim, .................
This is my wife's ******** story, now ****(over 40).
November 1999, Stage 3 breast cancer diagnosed - partial mastectomy, with positive margins and one (of seven) positive lymph node. Follows in 2000 four months of radical chemotherapy - 6 weeks daily radiotherapy and 6 electron beam treatments. Next 6 years of hormonotherapy - Tamoxifen for 5 years followed by Femara.

All this, only to learn in January 2007, that cancer has returned with multiple metastasis clearly identified by ever increasing blood markers: Scan results: bone (sternum and vertebras) and liver tumors. Bleak forecast: can be treated but cannot be healed. Coincidence: Same day, all evening newscasts were reporting on DCA work results from U. of Alberta.

Obviously, in a hurry, new chemo begun the week after: Herceptin + Vino...(something). two weeks on one off. Three months into the chemo, Scan showed some shrinking of hepatic tumor, and considerable bone tumor decrease and healing. In fall 2007 tumor markers picked up on increasing again accompanied by loss of appetite and poor general conditions (fatigue, insomnia, etc...). By Christmas new scan was ordered by oncologist. As feared, liver tumor continued in growing at much quicker pace - short term life threatening condition. New chemo starting Jan.15 2008: Herceptin + Carboplatin + Gemzar. Pretty hard stuff.

DCA connection: Since Jan. 2007 we were gathering all available information from every existing source. Your website being most valuable tool in making up our minds, especially due to valuable input of your participants. As you know U of A closed all info channels the day they obtained Health Canada approval to conduct their first clinical trial, so your site remains sole source of info on DCA.
Given the failure of last year's chemo, deteriorating health status, the decision was made, not to wait for the third strike (in baseball you're out).****** started taking DCA on Jan. 29 2008: 20mg/kg in two parts, 4 bags cold tea pot per day (she hates hot tea), 3x100g Vitamin B1. 5 days / 2 off. No side effect up to date (12 weeks). She is taking DCA along with the chemo, without the oncologist knowledge.

End of March 2008, after 2 chemo's only (and 8 weeks of DCA), oncologist sees sharp decrease of blood tumor markers, and orders new Scan, much to the surprise of pharmacist (too soon into new chemo treatment!). It takes place on April 16 (10 weeks of DCA). We were hoping for encouraging results, due to a remarkable improvement of ******** life quality since DCA intake. Sound sleep has returned as well as healthy appetite and renewed energy.

April 22 2008. Scan results are in: "Measurable" hepatic tumor shrinkage. We did not ask by how much. At this time it's irrelevant, as is the cause of it. We both strongly believe DCA is "at least" a better part of this first step in the right direction. We don't know what lies ahead, but there is a renewed hope for us, we want to share with the people fighting this terrible illness.
Keep on with what you do !

Emails, 15 and 20 April 2008, Israel: Brainstem tumor.
Just to keep you updated my wife is doing quite well on DCA she is now 4 weeks on it with a break of a few days because she got numbness in her fingers. She is stable which is very good in her situation she doesn't take any chemo or other drugs with it just some vitamins and minerals including green tea extract lightly caffeinated.
The only side effect she still has is a little blurred vision which could happen and some numbness in her toes.
All the best


Just to keep you updated she is improving slowly and is very stable in the past 4 weeks she is on DCA. Her caffeine intake is from the Green tea extract.


Email, 17 April 2008 from Europe (Lymphoma)
Hello Jim,
It's been a while but here I am again. ****** ic is getting stronger every day. He walks around, washing and dressing himself (he first was getting worse, even bedlayer for a while). He plays with our doggs, feeds his fish both in the aquarium and the pond. He also started to empty the dishwasher and puts everything on his place. What a difference since a few weeks ago. He eats like an ox, it's a pleasure to look at him and see him enjoying his meal. I've got the scans on cd but I'm still working on the translation of the diagnoses that are includet with them. As soon everything is ready, I will send it to you along with the pictures of his chest. I know you are very interrested in seeing them.I will keep my promise and surely send them to you. Our family doctor came today and said that ***** was looking mutch better. He now takes the verapamil you suggested along with the DCA and also some pills to drain the fluid more (he was not going to the bathroom more than before drinking all this tea). His neck and arms are slowly loosing size and he's regaining his strength in his arms and leggs bit by bit. We hope that the verapamil can keep the cancer from getting resistand to the DCA. He asked our doctor what would normaly have happend to him after not having received any treathment for two months and if he had not started taking DCA. The answer was that he probably would have been dead by now. You can imagine that his courrage is bigger than ever. Dear Jim and Jackie, we cannot thank you enouf !!! I will keep you posted. For ever in our thanks, ***** and ***** and the kids.

Email, 16 April 2008: (reoccurent breast cancer)
I am so greatful that you are helping all of people that are struck with cancer. But, especially, my dear friend. She will not go and get any further test done on her, she is sick of being sick. Ever since she decided to not have any more chemotheraphy, I had been afraid that we would loose her. As you can tell, it hasn't gotten her yet, and I believe it is because of her taking DCA. Yes, she knows about the caffeine intake and has always been drinking green tea. I think this is why she shows no signs of being ill. ....................


Email, 9 April 2008 from Europe:
Hello Jim
I would like to congratulate you with the results of the new protocol; these results are entirely thanks to you and I'm sure you will be remembered for this forever by cancer patients and therapists !
I've seen some of these results with my own eyes and I am still dazzled; I saw L****  some 10 days ago; as you know he was sent home from the hospital because they couldn't do anything for him anymore and at that point he was in a very bad shape; what I saw was unbelievable : a big mass of dead cancer tissue on his throat and big parts of his chest just underneath the skin; he has these results after following the caffeïne protocol for 4 weeks; I call him every few days and he is feeling better and better.
As for myself : I realised that my tea consumption wasn't high enough; L*** drinks 6 cups of tea with double tea bags; one tea bag is 2.5 grams so he uses 30 grams of black tea a day;
I used only 7 grams a day; since 10 days I also use 30 grams of tea; for the moment I feel terrible : for the first time I am no longer able to work because I am too tired; even after a small walk I feel dizzy and have pain in the regions where the cancer has spread : my backbone, hip bones and lymph nodes; I was told by L*** that you recommended him to take liquid fish oil - I do the same thing now : 6 grams a day for the moment - I know that L*** takes more.
I'm so enthusiastic : I'm sure I will be another person in a few weeks time - next CT scan and bone scan May 16 - results May 21; I'll post my results. ......

Phone call, 2 April 2008. Dee has just told us her brother-in-law with non small cell lung cancer, Tom, has gone from stage 4 to stage 1 and all that remains of several tumors is one spec in his right lung. We have a page on this report (click here). This is a follow-up to a report dated 29 November 2007 located on this page below.

Email, 1 April 2008.
Dear Mr Jim, I had posted this on the site under the username pili. This is a friend of the family & I came across your site & tried to help her out with dca.
First she had cancer of the Isophagos (Esophagus), which was treated with radiotherapy & chemotherapy (approx. 3 years ago) with success (though they had to make a hole in her throat to breath, sorry don't know all the medical terms in English). But then after a year she had metastasis (spreading) in the lungs. They had told her it was more in the left lung (with one big lump & also many small ones) and it had also spread (smaller) in the right lung. That they would treat the big lump with radiotherapy, but that there was nothing else they could do for the rest. So right after the radiotherapy she started with the DCA, I had printed out many things from your site for her (as she is a lady of 62 years old and has no access to a computer) and she followed it and it worked very well for her. So when she went back for check up, they told her that she was all clean and this is about a year ago (she is still clean).
I printed out the survey & as soon as she gets back from Holland (to Greece) I will give it to her to fill it out & I will send it back to you.

Email, 1 April 2008 from Europe: I am very happy today! My father-in-law is in hospital for Saturday, because he was very week, his blood pressure was unbelievable low so he could not stay or walk sometimes, and in the morning when he coughed a bit blood came out again. Today doctor said, that all values, labor, rtg, are the same like in Septermber, tumors have not grown!! /to remember, in September doctors told that he will not be alive after January/ Why his blood pressure is so low I still dont know ,I was afraid he bleeds inside, but not!
He tooks dca since December, and I think, that helped to him!
(note: this is a planocellular lung cancer)

Fax and phone call, 26+27 March 2008
Bill, who has been fighting bile duct cancer, or cholangiocarcinoma, reports that the cancer has continued to shrink and now may be nothing more than scar tissue. Even the doctor thinks it was due to DCA. This is a followup to a September 2007 report. Full report here. Incidentally, Bill is a green tea drinker.

Email, 26 March 2008: (Note: Mesach is a dog with bladder cancer)
Time to do an update on Meshach. He was doing same as he had been until March 3rd when he started getting caffine pills. He was getting 200mg of caffine and 300mg of DCA twice a day. He started urinating everywhere with lots of blood. Couldn't even make it out the door. Lots of accidents in the house. This lasted about a week.
Starting on the 10th of March he was still urinating constantly. Sometimes just walked in the door when he needed to go out again. He was extremely lathargic and had no interest in eating or going out for his walks. He lost weight and we though it was probably close to the end.
Starting on the 17th he started to turn around and had five really good days. On Saturday morning the 22nd he actually went 5 hours at night without having to be let out. I caught a sample of his urine in the morning. There was a large amount of urine and no visible blood. Since then his appetite has returned. He still urinates with great frequency during the day.
Starting this week, March 24th, his dosage has been changed to 500mg of DCA and 400mg of caffine. The reason for decreasing the DCA at this time is he has started to slip every once in a while (he just started this a few days ago). A test strip done on the 25th of March showed large amounts of microscopic blood but no visible blood. He loves going out on walks again.
We are thinking he had a large detox reaction when he started taking the caffine, like you are warning about with brain tumors. We have no idea though, and he seems to be once again on the path to recovery. Meshach, for those who are new to the site is a 120lb dog, who was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of bladder cancer and was given 2-3 months to live. We started treating him one month after his diagnosis. He has been given no medication other than vitamins including B1, DCA and now caffine. He is now in his 6th month and we have hopes for much longer.

This blog was uploaded on March 23, 2008. It discusses an experience with DCA and brain cancer

Email, 12 March 2008
Hello , I was diagnosed with transitional Cell renal pelvic carcinoma in May of 07. I under some chemo four a short period of time from oct to early december but stopped due to a growth while on chemo. Underwent some radiation to the pelvic area dec to Jan. The cancer metastasized to the lungs. I underwent a C-Scan on Jan.28 and it showed a tumour in the lung grew from 1.5 to 2cm from Dec.01, 07 to Jan.28,08. This was a growth of .5cm. .
On the 21 January 08 I started taking DCA, 1500mg in morning......1000mg in evening along with supplement B1. I had another scan on March 6th, 08 and it showed no activity of cancer in the pelvic area (this is most likely due to the radiation treatments) and it showed the 2cm tumour had no further growth. Report also stated that other small nodules had grown by 3mm, however this is within error of the test itself. Am continuing with DCA and will have another scan in early May.
I drink lots of regular tea, up to 6 cups a day and also have a couple of large coffee per day. I know I have been on DCA for a very short time but hey, the 2cm tumour is still a 2cm tumour. Next scan in early May will be interesting.

Followup email, 13 March 2008: Was taking B1 100mg tabs three times per day but Doctor has just switched me to Benfotiamine 80mg tabs twice per day stating the Benfotiamine is a much better form of B1 and they have switched to this.

Email, 10 March 2008
Dear Jim,
"It looks as if the life of my son is being prolonged by the DCA treatment.
All his doctors expected him to be dead by now. Last weekend, he went with his friends to the Mac, and consumed a large burger with a bucket of coke. I was amazed! ..........." Cancer is HCC

Email, 29 February, 2008
Jim, good news! We just got our results from ... MRI taken ... this week and doctor appointment. The large tumor in my father's head apparently has shrunk a little more and has not spread. This is really great news considering most Stage 4 patients with this type of recurring tumor do not last long. The last scan 3 months ago just stated that his tumor was stable. The scan 3 months before, after his chemo, stated that there was a slight response to therapy. So something is working and it very well could be the DCA and MMS. ... Dad is doing good, but after major surgery, radiation, and chemo you can just imagine what a toll it has taken on him. ... He has not had any chemo in about 6 months or more, so we don't know if the chemo is still having any effect on the cancer. He has continued to use DCA, but a lower dose and has been using the MMS also at low dosing also. He does drink green tea and coffee. But, we just started the Lipoic Acid after He started having side effects and recently started the B1 also. ...
Thank you,

Phone call, 28 February 2008, Australia: Roger reported the results of his MRI scan. He has lung cancer. The primary tumor was removed surgically. He had three secondary lung mets. One lung met is entirely gone and the other two have shrunk considerably. He uses 10 mg/kg of DCA and drinks 3-4 cups of coffee and black tea daily.

Email 20 February 2008, from Jackie to me. This cancer patient was the only person who showed a great response ( for Pancreatic cancer) and said they did not take caffeine.

"She thought before that she wasnt taking in caffeine in, but after thinking about it she does drink caffeine! So there is no exception here....

*** wrote:
Jackie--I have been drinking "caffine" all along especially for the last 3 months. I didn't pay any attention to it until yesterday. I CRAVE DR. PEPPER--THE REGULAR DR.PEPPER THAT CONTAINS CAFFEINE. Well, it helps my nausea so I have been drinking at least a liter bottle a day and sometimes more. So, the Lapoma on my back is completely GONE and the DCA and DR.Pepper with caffeine took care of it. I increased>the DCA to twice a day as outlined for a person 150 lbs. According to the "chart"---10mg equal 1 gram so I take 1 1/2 grams of the DCA now twice a day and started doing so 3 days ago. I am also going to take the DCA as outlined 5 days a week and two days which will be SAT & SuN---I will leave it off as suggested......, ***

(Note, Dr. Pepper has 41 mg of caffeine per 12 ounce serving. One liter has 115.5 mg of caffeine)


Email, 19 February, 2008, from Croatia:
hi jim
.....here is a short review:
my friend is taking the DCA and MMS about 13 days (in doses recomended).
there is some improvement. he had primar cancer on his kidney ,and after the surgery after 1 year he had 1 Metastasis between scull and brain(surgery removed too) .after this last surgery he was subject to radiotherapy. after this radiotherapy he become to feel a pain(agony) in his right shoulder and no one was allowed to touch his entire arm(not even slight move ).
after 12 days (yesterday ) he actually move his arm and feel his strength is coming back to this arm.

more news ,i will send to you.

Email, 15 February 2008, from Serbia:
"My father is feeling much better, he can walk, he has strength ..."

Email, 14 February 2008, Australia:
Hi Jim,
We have increased the dose rate of DCA for my sister to 45 mg/kg day.
She continues to improve in strength and in her mind - her short term memory is almost normal - for example she asks questions that relate to things that happened the previous day or a week ago. Her long term memory has been good for quite a few weeks now. She is still too weak to get out of bed and stand, even if helped. Bear in mind that in November the family was summoned to her death bed! She is now reading - attempting to resume doing some of her quilting - making phone calls.
And of course her appetite has improved in an impressive way.......
Many thanks and best wishes,

Tlephone call, 11 February 2008, from D**. He told me that progress continues. He did another flusha nd it was "kind of dramatic" in that humks dead flesh were washed out of the bladder.

Telephone call, 8 February 2008: A gentleman "D**"called to report good news in his 1 1/2 weeks of using DCA to fight a very serious case of bladder cancer. The cancer has metastasized in his GI tract He has been taking DCA and drinking lots of black tea the last 10 days or so. What is interesting to share with other bladder cancer patients is that, in addition to taking DCA orally, he mixed up 1/8 teaspoon of DCA with distilled water and used his flush kit to inject it directly into his bladder through the tube. He put in the 10 ounces of DCA-fluid and let it stay there. Over the next couple of days he started getting a white milky substance being emmitted via the urethra. By the fourth day the emissions were pretty clear. A bladder flush got out "chunks of skin and flesh". The entire family is elated at what appears to be great progress in killing his cancer.

Email, 8 February 2008 Hello!
"I am pleased to be back in touch. My Mother has been taking your DCA as suggested for tumor action for the last 6 months with MIRACULOUS results. As an RN I can report little to no adverse effects. The terminal and conventionally untreatable PPC disease/Ovarian Cancer has stabilized according to formal testing through our local Cancer Institute. They will NOT qualify her for the formal DCA trials running at this time. WE NEED TO RESUME OUR AT HOME DCA THERAPY ASAP.
She is still enjoying a really good quality of life when we are not battling for a fair, appropriate, tolerable and effective Cancer treatment. ... Thank you so very much. You are without a doubt facilitating the conservation of life. God bless you and please continue your mission at all costs!"
(a phone call and email revealed that besides drinking a cup or two of coffee, that she "drinks a minimum of 2 cups of iced day a day, and sometimes more".

Email, 5 February 2008 regarding a glioblastoma:
How's this ... *** the fella with tumour behind eye just called me...He is the person that I gave some Dca to..
He is taking 10mg/kg but he is only taking 200mg of B1 ...I suggested he takes 1000mg a day...
He is drinking lots of black tea ..
He started taking Dca Monday morning our time ..(it is now Wednesday morning here)
He Just told me that the burning sensation at the back of his eye has almost gone...
He is on some other medication and has been for a long while and the burning feeling has never gone away until now...
Dca and caffeine... Hmmm


Email, 2 February 2008
I have osophegus cancer which has spread to my liver.
I was in remission from June last year
I have been taking DCA since mid December 2007. First 1/4 teaspoon twice a day for 2 weeks, then 1 week rest. Then 1/2 teaspoon for 2 weeks which will end 4th Feb.
I had problems swallowing in late November and had an endscopy mid December to check it out. The consultant said there had been regrowth, he offered lazer surgury or radio therapy.
After about two weeks my symptoms has got less, so I cancelled the appointment for radio therapy.
Since then I have had increased swallowing difficulties again. I also started in January an alcaline diet, my PH has just last week reached 7.4. Previous, during January it was 6-6.5.
I have been drinking tea with milk and no sugar and green tea since last December.
I am now going to start drinking my tea black now and continue with green tea.I will keep you informed.
If you need anymore details, please mail me.
John A.

NOTE to the reader... Do not add milk to the tea. It might negate the effects

Email, 2 Februaury 2008
G'day Jackie, Jim and the DCA team.....
I rang you on friday and Susan told me that you will be back again Monday morning ... i will call again :) ..
It all seems to have gone away.. he says with a smile and a chuckle...
I will still go for my regular checkups but the last checkup my doc said things are excellent... not bad hey.. and i say this because i go and see my doc (oncologist) every 6 months and about 2 months after i had seen him my stomach started to swell with fluid and my lympth nodes in my neck, groin and armpits started to swell and then the horrible night sweats started.. well long story short "its all gone"... and this time no damn chemo!!!!! the only thing i used was DCA .... oh and lots of vitamin B1 and yes i drink about 6 or 7 cups of tea a day (i use 2 tea bags in every cup) Mmmm tea..lol...
I have low grade non hodgkins lymphoma b-cell or should i say had :) .... time will tell .....
My next treatment was to be a stem cell transplant and i now know this will never happen...
There was a 20% chance of things going the wrong way in a stem cell transplant and even if i was to to be lucky enough to get through it all it would only give me another year or 2 maybe 4 tops .....
Jackie, Jim and Team you gave me DCA and you provided a site where i could get information from.....
You people asked for nothing more than postage and all i have are these words >>>> Myself and my wife and my 2 children all thank you so very much .... we owe you all heaps ...
Looking forward to speaking with you Jackie...

Email, 1 February 2008
Anyway if you remember I live in ** and my father had esophagus cancer that had spread to his liver (just a few small spots). If you remember I told you that he took DCA for 2 months before his first official chemo treatment. The oncologist was amazed as to why his 1 and a quarter inch tumor in his throat had decreased almost 80% in size with NO TREATMENT (from them anyway.. thank GOD for you). After my father's first round of regular chemo (once a week) and doing DCA also.... he was confirmed a almost 57% decrease in his cancer.... well he ran out of DCA and just decided to try the oral chemo his oncologist suggested. (capsidiben??? spelling?) well... this stuff did nothing except make his hair fall out and make his hands peel.
..... My father is going on a every 3 week chemo treatment now so he wants to take the DCA in-between.... ...Right now, he is 62 years old, perfect blood work, all is normal or better.... no low white blood count, no out of wack liver enzymes. The Dr says he has no clue as to how he is doing so well. He works 8 to 5 every day with little or any pain. .......

Email, 23 January 2008 (Canada) (some more recent communications with Mike follow below)
To Whom this may concern:
My name is Mike. C.*** and the reason I am emailing you is approximately 1 year ago my mother was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer, after getting this news I told her about a program I watched about this drug called DCA and how it was supposed to shrink cancer cells, after a little research she decided that she had nothing to lose by trying this drug. My brother in law went on the computer and found a website that was selling this drug as experimental cancer treatment in animals, after buying a 1 year supply she started taking this drug, with a supplement of (vitamin B1), she took the drug faithfully for the last year, on her last x ray they could no longer see the cancer mass, doctors were astounded and wondered if the cancer had moved to the bones, no doctors were aware that she had been taking this drug, so they decided to do a bone scan,after the scan she was declared cancer free. I would like people to know this, because I believe that the government should be taking a more active role in the testing of this drug, and because of the low cost of this drug, maybe recouping costs by raising the price a little. Many people who have cancer, would like my mother would have nothing to lose by trying it. I understand that the websites selling this drug have been shut down and finding this drug is virtually impossible now. I know this drug saved my mothers life and I believe anyone should have the option to at least try this drug. Thanks for reading.

I emailed back for some additional information and got this reply:

Hi Jim when she was diagnosed she was given six months,she had a large mass on her left lung and a smaller mass on her right lung, the doctors told her that there was really no treatment. ,... it was actually vitamin B1, because according to her doctor dca depletes the body’s supply of vitamin b1, and the exact dose she was taking is 700 milligrams of dca @ 147 lbs with 500 milligrams of vitamin b1, ..... NO chemo was involved in her recovery, but now they want to do a brain scan. She is still taking the drug now even though she has been told she is cancer free as of 2 weeks ago. Now I noticed on a lot of letters where people are taking up to 2 grams of dca once a day, now studies in animals showed more cases of side effects when doses went higher in lab animals. 2 grams would be a 1 day supply for someone weighing approximately 425 lbs.

I spoke to Mike (he said we could use his first name) on January 27. Here is more on his mother. After diagnosis of lung cancer, she received no chemo, no radiation and no surgery. She only took DCA (Mike bought it from us, via buyDCA.com), and vitamin B1 supplements. She drinks tea all the time, even before the diagnosis of cancer. She does not drink alcohol, but she smokes. And even now, after being told she is cancer free, she still smokes! She did experience some DCA side effects of hand tremors. She took 500 mg Vitamin B1 daily, along with her 700 mg of DCA.

[Be sure to read the tea and DCA page}


Email, January 19, 2008. ..................... I do believe that this is keeping the darn thing at bay. She has recurrent breast cancer and has gone thru three rounds of chemo. She has decided no more chemo and this is our last resort. She had a pet scan done a couple of months ago and it showed a single lymph node in the middle of her chest. She has been following a natural paths advise on nutrition and that doctor knows about the dca. Very supportive. She also has a regular doctor that understands where she is at with her treatment and the inclusion of dca and that doctor is local. They will be giving her another pet scan in a couple of months. I'll let you know what happens. She has been on dca ever since she quit chemo and found the single lymph node that showed activity. Hopefully that was a bad pet scan read and all is gone but she looks great and feels great ever since starting the dca. She takes it Monday thru Friday with weekends off. I will keep you in touch how she is doing.
I know that you are collecting data, so if I can help you with any more information that you need, please feel free to ask.

Thank you,

Email, January 17, 2008
Hello Jim,
........................... *** has not been to chemotherapy for going on three weeks now, and the next session is not scheduled until next week on the ... We have taken the opportunity to continue DCA and MMS treatments daily. This has depleted our supply very fast. At 2 grams per day of DCA, it doesn't last long. .........................................(deleted)

***'s progress continues to be good. The tumors in her abdomen and liver are continuing to shrink at an astounding pace, and her doctors seem to be amazed at her progress even though she hasn't been to chemotherapy for several weeks. As of yesterday her doctor once again pronounced that the cancer is stopped and under control. On physical examination the abdominal tumor has shrunk from 6 centimeters down to 5, and the liver tumor seems to have shrunk as well. We won't know the exact shrinkage until the next Cat/Pet scan in February. This is most encouraging because this disease began as a very aggressive rectal/colon cancer that had to be surgically removed, and within a few short weeks following surgery had returned and spread to other organs as well. If it were not for the use of DCA I'm sure that her condition would have by now been terminal.

We have not informed her doctors that she has been taking DCA or MMS because the use of these substances would make her ineligible for test studies using the newest chemotherapy drugs. She is currently on one such study, and we can't tell the doctors anything. The drug companies that sponsor such tests would more than likely remove her from the test studies if they knew. At this point we want to cover all the bases so to speak. She has been doing the DCA and MMS between chemotherapy treatments, and we have been careful not to overlap the two because of possible drug interactions. Her schedule has been two grams of DCA every morning, and two treatments of MMS using twelve to fifteen drops depending on nausea, once in the afternoon, and once in evening before bed. This schedule is being maintained between a four day regime of chemotherapy using Innotecan & Leucovorin administered simultaneously via I.V. for three hours on day one, and Fluorouracil administered continuously over another three days via patient carried pump. This is usually administered about every two weeks in a cycle of four. Then several weeks off and a new cycle begins. As a consequence of the chemotherapy *** has been loosing her hair, and extreme weakness and tiredness seem to be the immediate results.

There is one large tumor located just under her skin that developed where a drain tube had been inserted during her previous surgery that doesn't seem to be responding as well as the tumors located internally. I believe it is because of it's location just under the skin where it is not receiving the same blood supply as the internal tumors, and consequently not receiving enough DCA or MMS to cause shrinkage. We are going to try DMSO and DCA applied topically to this tumor to achieve better results. I'll let you know the outcome in future.

Just a side note to say that I too have been using MMS, and it seems to have cured a recurring bladder infection that has been bothering me off and on for years. Amazing stuff. It seems to work well taken with a small glass of beer or wine, or in apple juice without vitamin C. I am now using it to brush my teeth to see if it will help cure some gum problems. I'll let you know the outcome in a few weeks.
That's it for now. You can post these updates if you so desire.
Thanks again,

Email, January 17, 2008
Dear Jim,

Still good news from the Netherlands.
It is incredible, but we are a month further now and my father gained 5 kilos!
He is feeling good, eats very well and just came back from a holiday in Switzerland.
Yesterday he went for a regular control to Hospital. Next time they want to see him is over 2 month.
You can imagine how happy we are.
He takes DCA every day, except for the weekends ( the amounts you advised)
But the same problem arises. The DCA is almost finished. (... deleted)

Kindest regards,


Phone call, 16 January 2008
A gentleman with lung cancer that had metasized to the brain and adrenal gland was having seriuos belching problems, so bad he could never sleep. By the second night after starting MMS, the belching was gone completely and he could sleep.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
MMS and food poisoning... Just for the record, about a week ago a good friend of mine from outside the U.S. came down with a severe case of food poisoning. He had MMS and used it. He took 3 sets of 15 drops that night, between numerous vomiting bouts. But by morning the food poisoning was gone. He figured it saved him a $1500 visit to the hospital.

Email, 13 January 2008 .................... My brother-in-law is doing very well. He goes for his last chemo treatment on the 17th. and the Dr.s are amazed that he is doing so well and that the Tumors have shrank so fast. Thank you again .........................
Email, 13 January 2008, from Australia: Hi Jim,.......in Australia for my 71 year old sister with advanced cancer in the lung and brain. She'd just had radiation treatment 4 weeks earlier and was too sick (couldn't speak or eat or move) to start DCA treatment until 29th Nov but she improved steadily after starting the DCA treatment. We started her on 15mg/.. dose for 3 weeks and now she's had 25mg/.. for 4 weeks. We use 5 days ON 2 days OFF. She is now eating small meals and is very 'with it' to talk to. However she is still bed-ridden and weak. I would like to increase the dose to 40mg/.. (she's had no side effects at 25mg/..................It looks like Val's condition has improved very significantly by using DCA .........
Phone call, 11 January 2008. A Canadian woman with a brain cancer is responding very well to DCA and standard cheno. Her oncologist is aware of her DCA use and is supportive of it. I do not know what chemo is being administered. She told me the headaches diminihsed greatly almost three weeks to the day after starting on DCA. She takes 1 gram a day, 5 days on, 2 days off. She has had no side effects.

Email, 6 January 2008- Canada. "I know 3 people that have used DCA successfully. One person's tumor was reduced by 99 percent in just a few weeks. Another friend was able to get his DCA from a vet, but that now is shut down as well. He did not have cancer but had growths in his lungs from being a firefighter. DCA worked, and got rid of those. He has never looked or felt better. "

Fax, January 3, 2008 Canada (pancreatic cancer)
My untreatable tumor continues to shrink- the oncologists are still puzzled over why this is occurring even tho I remind them each time that I am still using DCA. Between report #5 and #6 I eased my DCA to 10 mg/kg and I took it 4 days on and 3 days off. The slight hand tremor went away. I took two cycles of Gemcidobine Chemo 3 weeks on and 1 week off ending those in mid Nov' 07. From mid Nov to 20 Dec I was on DCA only. (Faxed also was a doctor report confirming decrease in the pancreatic tumor)

I have a friend who has had sarcoidosis for years (he was a fireman and was involved in a toxic fire), the same problem killing the 9/11 emergency personnel. Any way, I gave him some DCA as his condition was getting so bad he wasn't functioning well - on oxygen, unable to walk a block, severe joint inflammation and much more. He takes it 2 days per week for about 3-4 months now and said he cannot believe the improvement in his lungs and joints. He said he would be delighted to talk to you if you were interested in his situation as he realizes this is a non-cancerous application. His name is VM**..

Best Regards, B. W.

For more on DCA and sarcoidosis, click here.

Email from VM, January 6, 2008
sarcoidosis victim from toxic chemical ingestion in 1982 chronic and severe;started DCA sept.15th 07..lung volume has increased dramatically- feeling the best in 20 years-all other joint,liver,heart complaints are going away..... THERE ARE 2500 CASES OF SARCOIDOSIS AS A RESULT OF 911..IT HAS DEFINETELY REDUCED MY SARCOID AND AM NO LONGER TAKING STEADY OXYGEN. .....THANKS

Email, 25 December 2007, from Poland:

......... my mom has a horrible metastatic melanoma.

we're going on dca for 2 months(we have moderate side effect like neuropathy :( but read further):
17.XII.07 -
liver, pancreas, spleen, lungs - clean - no change
tumor on the adrenal gland - COMPLETE REGRESSION
tumors in the lymph nodes - getting smaller than last month and much more smaller than 2 months ago
tumor on the leg(thigh) is "disintegrating" as the doctor wrote
3 months ago the doctor said that for 100% Mom won't live till christmas, but she is in perfect condition, albeit she is going on huge doses of morphine, because she has a really bad wound on thigh after radiotherapy, but it will heal in time
me and my family really want to thank you for sending DCA, you are a great man ! i even set up a website about DCA in polish www.apoptoza.pl because there was no place to read about DCA

Kiraa (the admin of the Polish site)
I (JIm) wrote back and asked if there were any other treatments or supplements being used. His response:

"Yes my Mum is having a not-so-strict diet (no sugar, not much meat, no lactose), just healthy food - typical diet which sick people get in poland
omega3-dha (from capsules and also from budwigs protocol), folic acid, benfotiamine, r+alpha lipoic acid, l-carnitine, q10, melatonin, l-glutamine, sylimarine(for liver)
we are making PH tests of urine and saliva
we are monitoring blood levels
those supplements were supposed to help for neuropathy, but it was so moderate that now we are making a 2 week break, but the last time we made a 2 week break it didn't promote the cancer growth.
also morphine, ketoprofen, some other opiate, and some anti-depressant for pain relief
manuka honey(from new zealand) with aloe vera and DCA for topical application on wound on thigh"

Email, 20 December 2007:
Dear Jim,
I want to update you on Meshach (and yes this is a for real live 130 lb dog :-) ) and my grand dog.
> As you know he was diagnosed with bladder cancer and was given 2-3 months to live even if he had surgery. He belongs to my son and his family. My son had to go over seas for about 2 months and his family had planned to join him for a month for a trip of a lifetime. I had volunteered to take care of Meshach ( my grand dog) for the 2 months. The week before my son left Meshach was diagnosed with bladder cancer. The vet advised them to put the Meshach down then if they could not find a family member willing to take care of a dying dog as it would ease his pain and suffering and they shouldn't house him in a kennel in his condition.
> They elected not to put him to sleep and had the vet do bladder surgery as I volunteered to take care of him. They felt they needed to give him a chance. This was done on October 18th. My son and his wife were told this was a very fast growing aggressive cancer and they still could expect him to be dead in 2 to 3 months.
> I asked them if they would care if I gave him a controversial cancer drug that could save his life. My youngest son had read about DCA on a website called Digg. As there was no treatment and no hope we all felt there was nothing to lose. I stared treating him 4.5 weeks ago. Other than some muscle twitching, some shortness of breath and more frequent urination (a side effect of the drug or the bladder cancer?) he is doing great. I do medicate him 5 days and then take 2 off.
> The main thing I was told to look for with this cancer is not only more frequent urination, but less and less of it as the cancer gets a strangle hold on the bladder and blood in the urine. I have been keeping track for the duration of his urination for a couple weeks now. I mainly check it when he wakes me up at night to go. He makes it about 4-6 hours before he needs to go out. Most of the time it is 23-24 seconds with a couple times including Tuesday evening of this week 30 seconds.
> That is a LONG time for anybody and anything even if you are very healthy.
> In other words it has been 65 days (over 9 weeks) and see no problems with this dog. I have been giving him a special diet that includes a "b" complex and the alpha lipoic acid that was recommended.
> We intend to continue treatment for 2 more months, barring any unforeseen complications. I am bringing him back to his family on December 21rst so they will be treating him for the rest of the time.
> If we get a clean bill of health, which at this point I am expecting, I will get back to you and you can help me decide where this information needs to be posted and or sent. I went to my vet yesterday December 19th. My other dog had a problem. I had shown your web site to my vet and he apologized for not being more involved. He said he had had other things come up and hadn't had the time to get involved the way he had wanted. That said, he gave me two urine strips so that I could check for blood in Meshach's urine as I hadn't seen any visible blood and the strips would pick up blood not visible to the eye. At this point Meshach is beginning the third month he so should have little time left and should have visible blood in his urine. If I didn't do the test wrong, he has traces of blood only. If the color stayed gold he had none. If it turned light green he had trace amounts- the greener it turned the more blood was there. The good news was that a dog that should have visible blood in his urine had the color turn light green. Which tells me this has to be doing something great for his cancer. I will retest him before I bring him back home tomorrow but if I didn't do the test wrong, it appears we are beating the cancer. My son and daughter-in-law are going to buy these strips so that they can monitor his progress. We figure once the strip stays gold the cancer will have been beaten.
> Thank you for alerting me and the rest of the world to this potentially life saving drug. My grandchildren are ecstatic that their prayers for Meshach are being heard.
> Sincerely,
> ****
- - - - - - -Email, 10 January 2008 "Wanted to update you on Meshach. He has his up and down days so his dose is being adjusted from 1 gram a day to approx 800mg. He is now 5 days from the max his vet gave him to live. He still has no visible blood and the urine test strips keep saying between trace and moderate. He has been taking the DCA for 8 weeks and we will keep giving it to him until the urine strips show no blood. We are all feeling very good about the end results at this time."


Email and phone call, 17 December 2007: "I got a scan 3 month ago and the nodule reduce from 25% but the two month after it’s maintain it’s size." A follow-up phone call clarified that his lung cancer has shrank 25% in the two months of DCA use
Email, 17 December, 2007. By today, he has taken it for about two weeks at 15mg/kg body weight daily (1gram per day) with ALA and Vitamin B1. He felt that his lymph node is getting smaller although he has not had any test yet because he took too many times of CT before. But other than that, he did not feel anything or any side effect. My conclusion is the DCA may be working; he may need to increase dosage.

Email, 14 December 2007. "We have pretty good feedback, yesterday a doctor called me, he has colon cancer with liver metastases and the tumor markers started to decline and the metastases getting smaller by using DCA. He was quite skeptical but he has changed his mind."

Email, 12 December 2007
Hello Jim,
Some very good news......
After 4 cycles of administering 1.9 grams of DCA daily between regular chemotherapy treatments, a very fast growing, and spreading cancer, has for the first time been diagnosed as stabilized and under control.
The latest cat-scan / pet/scan on Rosa has revealed no appreciable growth since the last scans over eight weeks ago. This is very good news because this cancer which began as colon/rectal cancer requiring radical surgery to remove in mid-June, had in less than two months time returned in the same area with a vengeance, and spread to her liver and lungs as well.
The regimen of DCA usage was as follows:
The dosage based on her weight was 1.9 grams administered once daily. There was a total of four 15 day cycles of chemotherapy and DCA over a period of about eight weeks. The schedule was as follows:
A..........Four days chemotherapy
B..........Two days off.
C..........7 days DCA.
D..........Two days off.
Total 15 days.
The above cycle was repeated 4 times between scans.
Perhaps this good news should be posted for others to read. What do you think?
*** is interested in trying MMS. Perhaps this coupled with DCA and chemotherapy will reverse the cancer and begin shrinking these tumors. ...
Thanks so much,

Hello Again Jim,
In addition, you may want to add the following.......
The only side effect that was noticed during the DCA usage was a trembling of the hands which seemed to increase towards the end of each 7 day period of usage, and diminished after several days off. We are not sure if it is related to the DCA or chemotherapy, but it is worth noting. There was no noticeable numbness in the fingers as has been reported by others.
The chemotherapy drugs that were administered during each of the four cycles were as follows:
Innate & Ecuadorian administered simultaneously via I.V. for three hours on day one, and Furuncle administered continuously over another three days via patient carried pump.

Email, Dec 5, 2007: (Regarding a lung cancer) It is the 5th of december now and my father feels absolutely better than he did before. He has back ( a part of) hid energy, feels better and did not loose any more weight. Of course we do not know if this has anything to do with the use of DCA, but he is very willing to believe so. ( and so do we).

Email, Dec 4, 2007: . Well, all I can say is that for a couple of weeks we upped the dosage to ¾ teaspoon full daily, and the only temporary side effect was a hot and sensitive mouth (inflammation) which the doctor gave here medicine for. He asked, “Have you been taking any antibiotics lately?”. We chuckled. Since then we’ve had to ration the DCA to 1/8th of a teaspoon daily. The catscan two weeks ago was taken just about the time that we had increased dosage, too early to say if it measured any improvement. But I can say this much. In spite of the fact that there was some growth of the cancer that spread to her lungs (it grew from an apple seed size last winter to a pecan seed size now), she is physically well now, (increased from 70 to 95 pounds, blood levels perfect, hair grown back, etc.). In fact, this week her energy returned. And she’s buzzing around the house
all day, going out for hours, memory normal again. We can’t say it’s all due to the DCA because she’s seeing a naturopath for supplements too, but I can say that the DCA stopped the progression of cancer in her lungs. Her coughing was getting worse until we increased dosage. And since then she’s on top of her game, as they say. So it’s safe to say her remarkably improved condition can be associated with the time she has been taking DCA, particularly during the time of increased dosage. There. I’ve said it several ways so you can edit what you want for a testimony.

Email, 3 Dec 2007 I am giving the DCA (approximately 0.8g) for my mother for five weeks now and today there was an echography at the hospital and the doctor said that the tumor shrank from 4.6 cm to 4.0 cm. This is wonderful news! We are all glad! She is also gaining in weight now. ........ Thank you very very much, I really hope that my mother will be cured from this pancreatic cancer. Thank you very much.

Email, 3 Dec 2007. "Just a little note to inform you that ***** went for xrays yesterday and the cancer has still not spread and I am hoping that the DCA is the reason for this."

Email, 29 Nov, 2007. "My Brother-in-law has been taking it for about two weeks now. Today he is in the ICU with a chest tube. The tumors, which were large and attached to the wall of his lung, shrank so rapidly ( he has had one cycle of chemotherapy also) that it cause a small hole in his lung that allowed air to escape into his chest cavity and the air bubble was compressing the lung from the outside. The air had to be drained from his chest with a tube that was surgically placed in his chest and will be left there for a few days until the lung heals itself. The lung has now inflated but he will be hospitalized for a few more days until they are sure that the lung is healed. The good thing about this is that the Doctors are very pleased with the fact that the tumors have so drastically shrank. My brother-in-law is also taking Essiac Tea which has also been proven to kill cancer cells. The large tumor that was in his neck (super clavicle) is hard to find now and the smaller one by his jaw has shrank from 5cm to 1cm. He has been taking the DCA five days on and two days off; 15mg per kg body weight once a day. Thank you again for your help. I know that we are not "Healers", there is only One Healer, God. But I thank Him for giving us the wisdom that we ask for in helping our loved ones in their fight against what I consider a "Greedy man-made" disease. My God bless all who try the DCA and any other Natural Cure to fight cancer. It can be beaten"


Email, 26 Nov 2007. As I mentioned earlier, my dad has stomach cancer. He had surgery done in Feb. 2005 followed by chemotherapies. Early this year, it is found that the tumor has metastasized and invaded his liver. Since then he had a few more rounds of chemotherapy, which did nothing but worsened his physical condition. Radiotherapy as the alternative treatment was tried later but did nothing different from the chemotherapies. In the past three months, the tumor in his liver has grown from 7 cm to 11 cm. After that, our family pretty much gave up the ordinary chemotherapy and radiotherapy as treatment for my dad. ...

.... My dad since has taken DCA twice a day (for a month), 1 g each time. ...So far he has not felt any apparent adverse effects. Recent examination showed that DCA actually inhibited the tumor growth. A CT scan done last week showed that the tumor in his liver not only stopped growing but actually shrinked to 10 cm from 11 cm.

Email, 21 Nov 2007. I use to my wife since 30.9.2007 DCA and since 23.10.2007 Glycerin Tributyrin. Meanwhile, I have 5 days dithiodinicotinic acid 6.6 tried. The tumor markers have improved significantly!

and a follow up dated August 4, 2008: “My wife is doing well. She is currently under DCA and dithiodinicotinic acid.”

Email, November 18, 2007 ( a lung cancer patient)
Hi Jim:
...at the moment, he is taking one herbal oil called 'Buah Merah', I heard about this from thedcasite forum and got it from Indonesia. Yes, my father has some slight symptom of peripheral neuritis, which should be the typical side effects of DCA? basically, he just feels numb with his fingers and toes, so I had now reduced his dosage a little bit, currently is 25mg/kg/D and one day off each week 5.his cancer is stable, no coughing anymore, he had CT when he took his bone surgery in early Sep., scan showed tumors in lungs are no big difference from the images taken in May. Besides, he is getting weight, back to what he was before the first surgery he had for cancer five years ago, which I take it as a good sign.

2 emails from same person, 14 November 2007 Well my husband went to check on ---- and he was looking a lot better and had good color in his face. He also was going all over in his wheelchair and said he was feeling real good. ....................Lung cancer, has (diabetes) ....... Was so weak he couldn't hardly walk but now he is going all over in his wheelchair. Has real good color now. Says he is feeling so much better.

Email, 13 Nov 2007: "Dad has used it for a couple of weeks. So far he feels pretty good."

Email, 13 November 2007 "Our patients who are using DCA are all well, some of them have enourmous improvement in their physical state'.

Email, Nov 13, 2007

"It works. Period!! My boyfriends dad was diagnosed with cancer in the bladder and peridium, also found in blood etc. put it this way, he shouldn't have made 6 months! That was about 14 months ago. Now he is cancer free. They said it was a cancer that should have been found in his lungs but because of agent orange exposure it was in his bladder. Myocarcinoma or something like that!! Anyways, he is alive and kicking. Someone needs to get on the FDA about them shutting down DCA sites. This will cure people's loved ones!! Anyways if I have any info that can help you, just ask. ... Thanks"

Phone call, Nov 11, 2007. A man outside the US just started his grandmother on DCA about one week ago. Her condition was poor. She had hardly eaten in a month, was very pale and they'd basically given up hope. After about 4-5 days on DCA at a dose of 25 mg/kg, she awoke ravenous and ate heartily. The next day he said that his grandmother went shopping with his mom. Not sure of the exact cancer, except that she has terrible sweling in abdominal area from tumor growth. Skin color much better now too.

Phone call, Nov 12, 2007. A DCA user has a dilemma. Her mother-in-law, who had liver cancer, may now be cancer free and is asking us what to do next. This made two liver cancer reports in three days (the other is posted on the chat room, at https://thedcasite.com/dcaforum/DCForumID2/188.html

Email, November 8, 2007
" I spoke with his wife this afternoon and she said that they think his neck tumor is going down!
He is on both DCA and tributyrin;"