DCA and CancerDCA as a Cancer Treatment - Sodium Dichloroacetate

Tom McGhee's nearly full remission of
Non Small Cell Lung Cancer

Based on phone call, dated 2 April 2008

We received a phone call reporting an almost complete remission of a NSCLC, from stage 4 to Stage 1. The patient, Tom, used DCA along with chemo. He also is a caffeine drinker. This is a continuation of an earlier report listed on our Reports and Emails page. We have been given permission to use their names.

On April 2, 2008 we received a phone call from Dee, Tom's sister-in-law. She was very pleased to tell us he story of Tom McGhee's near complete recovery from his stage 4 non small cell lung cancer. This is particularly meaningful to Dee because she, herself, had to a stage 2 lung cancer a few years back.

Her brother-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 NSCLC in September 2007. He could not have surgery or radiation. He started DCA in September and took it along with his chemo. Dee tells us that Tom completed a total of 4 cycles of chemo, one every third week. After the first bout of chemo and DCA the tumor shrank so fast that it caused a hole in his lung, as related in the earlier report, which we have added to the bottom of this page for convenience.

In September 2007 the cancer also consisted of visible mets to his neck. A tumor interfered with his speech and he spoke in a whisper. The doctors said his voice would not come back. (it has come back.

Summary of treatment: Diagnosed stage 4. Took DCA and one round of chemo. Rapid shrinkage of tumor. Second chemo round. The tumor was staged again and 2 more rounds of chemo given. Tom was then given PET and CT scans, had an MRI of his brain and blood work done. The cancer was restaged to stage 1. All the neck and other tumors are gone. He has a small spec in his lung now.

Dee said Tom took DCA the entire time of his treatments. He also takes Essiac tea and "Oxygen drops (Cell food)"

Tom drinks caffeine. Originally he was drinking tea and then switched to coffee. She says he really craves sugar and adds 8-10 teaspoons of sugar to each of his two cups of coffee he drinks a day.

He took DCA at 1700 mg a day. His weight in September 2007 was 161 pounds. Here in April it is 193 pounds. He finished the treatments February 7, 2008.


-------- first report from November 29, 2007

Email, 29 Nov, 2007. "My Brother-in-law has been taking it for about two weeks now. Today he is in the ICU with a chest tube. The tumors, which were large and attached to the wall of his lung, shrank so rapidly ( he has had one cycle of chemotherapy also) that it cause a small hole in his lung that allowed air to escape into his chest cavity and the air bubble was compressing the lung from the outside. The air had to be drained from his chest with a tube that was surgically placed in his chest and will be left there for a few days until the lung heals itself. The lung has now inflated but he will be hospitalized for a few more days until they are sure that the lung is healed. The good thing about this is that the Doctors are very pleased with the fact that the tumors have so drastically shrank. My brother-in-law is also taking Essiac Tea which has also been proven to kill cancer cells. The large tumor that was in his neck (super clavicle) is hard to find now and the smaller one by his jaw has shrank from 5cm to 1cm. He has been taking the DCA five days on and two days off; 15mg per kg body weight once a day. Thank you again for your help. I know that we are not "Healers", there is only One Healer, God. But I thank Him for giving us the wisdom that we ask for in helping our loved ones in their fight against what I consider a "Greedy man-made" disease. My God bless all who try the DCA and any other Natural Cure to fight cancer. It can be beaten"

Update, email, 20 May 2009:
"Good evening Jim, it has been a long time since we talked. I am Dee Hudlin, I hope you remember me. I am Tom McGhee's sister-in-Law. The one who is featured on your website. He had "Stage Four" SCLC with visible tumor protruding from his neck. Tom started taking DCA shortly after he was diagnosed and the tumors shrank so fast that the shrinkage caused him to be hospitalized with Plural Effusion. Remember now?

Well Tom is doing very well. The Tumors/cancer(???) have been "just a speck" now for some time. He is about to start his forth protocol because the speck just won't go away. But his is doing so well, and still taking the DCA, that his doctors at NIH want him to submit to blood tests to try to figure out why he is doing so well when others didn't. They made the request just today. Tom is a two year survivor (in September)

I showed Tom the article on Caffeine, B1 and DCA today. He drinks one or two cups of coffee per day, but doesn 't take B1. I'm going to have his start and we will keep you posted on his progress..........."