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A Case of a Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Apparent Complete Remission using DCA, Tea and Vitamin B1

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Email, dated 2 February 2008, from Australia: (this is the complete email. Nothing edited out except his name)

G'day Jackie, Jim and the DCA team.....

I rang you on friday and Susan told me that you will be back again Monday morning ... i will call again :) ..
It all seems to have gone away.. he says with a smile and a chuckle...

I will still go for my regular checkups but the last checkup my doc said things are excellent... not bad hey.. and i say this because i go and see my doc (oncologist) every 6 months and about 2 months after i had seen him my stomach started to swell with fluid and my lymph nodes in my neck, groin and armpits started to swell and then the horrible night sweats started.. well long story short "its all gone"... and this time no damn chemo!!!!! the only thing i used was DCA .... oh and lots of vitamin B1 and yes i drink about 6 or 7 cups of tea a day (i use 2 tea bags in every cup) Mmmm tea..lol...

I have low grade non hodgkin's lymphoma b-cell or should i say had :) .... time will tell .....

My next treatment was to be a stem cell transplant and i now know this will never happen...
There was a 20% chance of things going the wrong way in a stem cell transplant and even if i was to to be lucky enough to get through it all it would only give me another year or 2 maybe 4 tops .....

Jackie, Jim and Team you gave me DCA and you provided a site where i could get information from.....

You people asked for nothing more than postage and all i have are these words >>>> Myself and my wife and my 2 children all thank you so very much .... we owe you all heaps ...

Looking forward to speaking with you Jackie...


I spoke to Mark on February 2nd. He will write up a much longer and more complete story. Here are some important additional facts. He took ten 250 mg pills of Vitamin B1 every day. He originally used a very high dose of DCA and the shrinkage was too fast. He then dropped it down to 10-12 mg/kg. Currently as a maintenance, he is taking 2-3 mg/kg per day. Mark also stated that the action of the DCA was very fast; he could feel the action in 4 days or so.

This is additional information from Mark, dated 3 February 2008.

Hi Jim..
I sat down after I had spoken to you and I tried to remember what I did... I can recall as follows:

10mg/K for about 1 week ... increased to 35mg/K for about 2 weeks or so <<<<<< bad move.. stopped for 3 or 4 days

Went down to 20mg/K for another week or so ....

I think things were happening to fast so I stopped for about a week then feeling a little better I started back with 15mg/K and stuck with that until my lymph nodes went back to a normal size ... I can remember my spleen was enlarged a bit and my liver was big and tender this lasted a fair while...

I then went down to 10mg/K from then on and did the following :

Monday - Friday 700mg/day ... Sat&Sun off...Monday - Friday 700mg/day...then seven days off...

I now only use 200mg/day 5on 2off 5on and then 7off (same as above)

I will stop all together in a month or 2 .. as my spleen and liver are of normal size now.. well I cant feel them and when I have relapsed (2 times) I could feel them being larger than normal and would say hey doc its back... as I said to you my last checkup was excellent and bloods were as normal as the fella's down the road... big smiles :)

Around 2.5 months of taking DCA my fingers began to go a little numb and my toes felt terrible.. I jumped in our cold pool for a swim and they ached for days.. I then started taking vitamin b1 and lots of it... 10 tabs a day for 21 days straight ... then 6 a day from then on .. The brand of the tablets are Natures Own and the strength are 250mg per tab. I now take 4 a day and wont stop... until I stop DCA altogether...

Notes [regarding tumor response]***
*** A burning feeling in tissues of my neck felt in the first 3 weeks which lasted 2-3 days
*** night sweats stopped around a week and a half of starting DCA
*** Burning feelings in middle of my liver on and off lasting a day or 2
*** Burning feelings in my stomach off and on lasting a day or 2
*** hard to concentrate at times
*** a nagging cough that would not go away went in 2 weeks of starting DCA
*** before starting DCA it was hard to swallow
*** lots of smiles

I forgot to say I was taking around 8 tablets or sometimes more of Natures Own Mega B 150... I was taking these with the apricot kernels caps I was making... I stopped the kernel caps but I did not stop taking the Mega B's .. I did however reduce them to 4 a day when I started taking Natures Own Vit. B1 tabs. 250mg but that was a while after..
each tablet contains :
Vit B1 150mg
Vit B2 150mg
Vit B3 150mg
Vit B5 150mg
Vit B6 150mg
Vit B12 150mg
folic acid 99mcg
inositol 150mg
choline bitartrate150mg
biotine 150mcg
ginseng 10mg
gotu kola 10mg
rosehips 10mg
alfalfa 10mg

I was unclear as to whether Mark used vitamin B1 when he started wuth DCA, so I asked him. This is the reply:.

I was taking Natures Own Mega b 150 before and when I first started the Dca .. dosage was 8 per day and sometimes 10 or over ... seemed like that was the only thing that kept my energy levels up ...bottle reads 1 of the vitamins is B1 at 150 mg ( so I was taking between 1200mg - 1500mg of B1/day when I first started Dca) I thought they were 250mg a tab. but that was the straight B1 's I started when my fingers and toes started tingling.. so from the very start right through until a few weeks ago i had been taking not less than 1200 mg and up to 2500mg of Vitamin B1.