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April 2011. Dr. Akbar Khan of Medicar publishes first peer-reviewed DCA paper. Link


25 August 2010. Hazim Gaber was sentenced to 3 years in prison, restitiution and fines. Link Link2


11 August 2010. Medical researchers at U of Alberta report DCA as a potential treatment for pulmonary hypertension. Link


4 July 2010. Memorial auction raises money for research Link


2 June 2010. Article on need for public support of DCA. Link


May 2010 news links

May 2010 U of A publishes first clinical trial paper. Link


May 2010 Hazim Gaber pleads guilty to selling fake DCA. Link


December 2009. MIT scientists, Shanta Dhar and Stephen Lippard (Lippardlab), combine Cisplatin with DCA to make "Mitaplatin" Link Paper


March 2009. DCA shown to decrease number of breast cancer tumors in rodent models. Link

February 2009 Greek newspaper story about Dr. Michelakis and DCA


December 2008 Story of Norwegian Government having blocked DCA Link1 Link2 Link3


October 2008 New Michelakis letter posted at the U of A site


9 October 2008 Belgium news reports two people had great results taking DCA (alternate link)

8/11/2008 Website again pitching untested cancer drug by Glenn Kauth , Edmonton Sun

4/28/2008 Warning over internet cancer 'cure' DCA article by UK Telegraph. Highly hostile to DCA and this site.
04/16/2008 Dichloroacetate induces apoptosis in endometrial cancer cells. published showing dichloroacetate effectively sensitizes most endometrial cancer cell lines to apoptosis
04/01/2008 Medicor Clinic releases second DCA Efficacy Report
1/14/08 Dr. Judah Folkman, angiogenesis pioneer dies. link
12/12/07 Medicor Clinic releases first DCA Efficacy Report .link
10/4/2007 People of Peace River, Alberta Canada raise $250,000 for DCA research .link
9/26/2007 Health Canada approves first human trial for DCA .link
8/2007 New Scientist article. Includes photo of Jim, Ilene and Dr. Joe Ryan. link
Note New Scientist left out my critical assessment of the FDA policies for unpatentable drugs.
4/30/2007 Corriere della Sera. Italian Newspaper coverage of DCA. link
4/4/2007 Cancer patients turn to rat drug. Adelaide Now, by Kim Wheatley. http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/story/0,22606,21500744-910,00.html
4/4/2007 Cancer patients turn to unapproved drug by Olesia Plokhii. The Gateway. http://www.thegatewayonline.ca/cancer-patients-turn-to-unapproved-drug-20070404-527.html
4/2/2007, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology. DIY Cancer Therapy:Should dying people be allowed to experiment? http://ieet.org/index.php/IEET/more/prisco20070402/
3/28/2007, New Scientist..Cancer therapy: When all else fails http://www.newscientist.com/channel/health/mg19325973.800-cancer-therapy-when-all-else-fails.html

3/28/2007, Nature magazine. Cancer patients opt for unapproved drug. Internet trade pre-empts clinical trial. by Helen Pearson http://www.nature.com/news/2007/070326/full/446474a.html
or Internet trade pre-empts clinical trial.

3/21/2007 Yank Aids People With Nothing to Lose. Edmonton Sun http://edmontonsun.ca/News/Edmonton/2007/03/21/3796843-sun.html
3/16/2007, the Edmonton Journal/Canada.com: Patients lining up for cancer 'magic bullet'
2/3/2007, American Cancer Society: DCA: Cancer Breakthrough Or Urban Legend?
Critical article on Dr. Michelakis’s study, compares use for lactic acid and cancer; points out potential flaws in study and dangers in curing human cancer. Critiques the simplicity of using DCA; strongly promotes his personal view about taking the research slow.
1/23/2007, Newsweek: Buzz For A New Potential Cancer Drug
Brief review of Dr. Michelakis’s study and what has to be done to get drug to clinical use.
1/20/2007, New Scientist: Cheap, safe drug kills most cancers
Review of Dr. Michelakis’s study with focus on how mitochondria affect cancer cells; also mentions how lactic acid contributes to secondary cancer formation.
1/18/2007, The Why Files: Promoting Cancer Suicide
Focuses on mitochondrial functions in cancer, details Dr. Michelakis’s study on rats with human tumors & possible prevention of cancer using DCA, many colorful charts & illustrations.
1/18/2007, Economist: Cramping Tumours (Must pay for this to read it.)
(Must purchase article.)
1/17/2007, Globe & Mail: Long-used drug shows new promise for cancer
(Must purchase article.)
1/17/2007, New Scientist:  A cheap and simple cure for cancer?
Explains how cancer cells use glycolysis for energy production and how DCA turns that process back to the mitochondrial energy production.
1/17/2007, National Post (Canada): Cancer finding hailed
Summary of the University of Alberta’s study; how DCA kills a cancer cell.
1/16/2007, University of Alberta: Small molecule offers big hope against cancer

Summary of the University of Alberta’s study; how DCA normalizes the mitochondrial function in many cancers.
1/2007, A Mitochondria-K+ Channel Axis Is Suppressed in Cancer and Its Normalization Promotes Apoptosis and Inhibits Cancer Growth
Scientific study of how DCA works in the cancer cell.
5/2/2006, Federal Court Approves Experimental Drugs for Dying Patients
9/01/2001, “Prevention of Dichloroacetate Toxicity”
DCA is being studied for toxicity safety for the treatment of patients with Acidosis, Lactic Chronic Disease.
9/14/1999, Elsevier Toxicology Abstract: Study of lesions created in mice caused by DCA
9/25/1990, 90-Day Toxicity Study of Dichloroacetate in Dogs
4/21/1989, Oxford Journal: Chronic Toxicity of Dichloroacetate: Possible Relation to Thiamine Deficiency in Rats.
Study on how DCA may cause toxicity in rats due to thiamine deficiency (which is caused by DCA use). This toxicity may be preventable by thiamine supplementation.


Websites of Interest

The Medicor Cancer Clinic, Toronto, Canada http://www.medicorcancer.com/

University of Alberta, Dr Evangelos Michelakis’s DCA Research Information