DCA and CancerDCA as a Cancer Treatment - Sodium Dichloroacetate



BetterDCA.com's and Best-dca.com DCA are contaminated
Eva-pharma.com is their site
Natricel.com is Mexican DCA too

- We do not recommend them -

WARNING: Reports are coming in that Natricel.com is not
shipping product and is disputing PayPal claims.
Stay away from Natricel.com

(19 May 2009)


We know BetterDCA.com and best-dca.com (they just keep adding web sites): we worked with them in Mexico. Shocked by what we saw and how they worked, we pulled out of the operation and abandoned our investment rather than ship low quality, contaminated DCA.

We did an inspection of the plant in June 2008 and were dismayed and depressed. The lab was a wreck. They never (and I really mean never) cleaned their processing equipment or even swept the floors. Everything was covered in dirt and dust. We had to literally show them how to use a broom! They stored the acid in a building in Monterrey in which the temperatures exceeded 120 degrees and the acid was decomposing, turning bright yellow.

They lied to us about everything they did. They never even got the permits they said they got. I could go on and on. It was unacceptable and they showed no interest in doing things right. We pulled out of the operation immediately and have since notified the FDA and the Mexican Health Authorities.

And their lies continue. They uploaded a response on August 25, 2008 to our revealing of their operation. See the screen shot. In that response they claim "BetterDCA.com has no relation with any other site ..." A look at the source code for best-dca.com shows they copied the site directly from their other site, betterdca.com, because all the images bear the original betterdca.com names from the betterdca.com site code . If you look at their information page, you will see a ridiculous statement about the synthesis process. These kids are on their own, do not know what they are doing, are dirty and are liars. Can dishonest people be trusted with making and selling pharmaceuticals?

Update.. Eva-pharma.com appeared approximately 12 October 2008. It is the same DCA.

In March 2009 they took www.betterDCA.com offline. Now (April 2009) a new site, www.Natricel.com is up. It has a hidden domain ownership and hidden source code. It looks like Natricel is Mexican DCA too. There is abundant evidence that Natricel is by the same people who ran betterDCA.com.

The Mexicans just keep putting up sites to sell their contaminated DCA.

We cannot possibly recommend the product they make. They are two young scammers with no chemistry experience, work ethics or morals, using decomposed acid and are now working without any expert guidance or supervision.


If you buy DCA from them, buy at your own risk.


Here is the location and names of the group making DCA in Mexico.

Lab location:
140-11 Ave. Altamisa 
Solidaridad Barrio Estrella
Monterrey, N.L 64102

Operators are:
Erick Hans
Leopoldo Zea #708
Colonia Contry Sol
Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon  Mexico 67174

Alfonso Montemayor
Renacimiento 2517
Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon, Mexico 67173