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If you Google "dcaadvice.com" you get a strange listing:
Alibi Store provides alibi services to cover discreet relationships, extramarital affairs, or to get you out of tough situations. Whether you need an alibi ...
www.dcaadvice.com/ - 6k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

The Alibi Store? Yes, because when the site owner copied the site over to create DCAadvice.com, he neglected to change his meta listings.

Do these screen shots look similar? And previously, before he changed it, www.watchtvsitcoms.com used the exact same format. The owner of the Alibi Store is the same guy who owns DCAadvice.com. He is forging doctors signatures on the Alibi Store site. He is a professional fraud. Here is a sample fraud letter from www.alibistore.com site.

screenshot alibistore.com


screenshot dcaadvice.com

The owner has since changed his WHOIS registration for DCAadvice.com to try to fake a University of Alberta connection. But we had already downloaded the original registration. Additional registration info.

Now there is more.

This crook has opened yet another new site, AboutDCA.com. On this site he showed the University of Alberta logo, has a profile of Dr. Michelakis, is soliciting funds for research and is charging higher prices for his fake DCA. He pulled the site off before we could copy it.

This is the registration information for the AboutDCA.com site:

Registrant: Arthur Levine 207-1525 8th Avenue West Vancouver, British Columbia V6J 1T5 Canada Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com) Domain Name: ABOUTDCA.COM Created on: 04-Nov-07 Expires on: 04-Nov-08 Last Updated on: 04-Nov-07 Administrative Contact: Levine, Arthur arthurlevine03@gmail.com 207-1525 8th Avenue West Vancouver, British Columbia V6J 1T5 Canada (604) 669-4502 Fax -- Technical Contact: Levine, Arthur arthurlevine03@gmail.com 207-1525 8th Avenue West Vancouver, British Columbia V6J 1T5 Canada (604) 669-4502 Fax

The site was taken down, registration released, on November 6, 2007.

It is interesting that the fraud uploaded the same page to both DCAadvice.om and aboutDCA.com, prior to pulling down the aboutDCA.com page and releasing ownership. Frustrated by our efforts to expose him, he then changed the text of the pages. Fortunately, this shows he controlled both web sites! Screen shots are at the bottom of this page.

Update, November 15, 2007. The scammer has tried to hide his identity on his Whois record so completely that this is what the Whois record now shows:
This domain name has been suspended due to invalid Whois information.
If you are the registrant of this domain name please contact us at: invalidwhois@secureserver.net.

Here are my suggestions for action against them:

1. Every customer should make a claim for a refund from PayPal. Paypal often keeps a secondary payment source for these situations. Plus, this will alert PayPal to the criminal activities of these people.

2. The Feds should contact Paypal to get their contact information.

3. The site operator used the same PayPal account for all his sites. When he shut down DCAadvice.com's account, he lost his accounts for www.AlibiStore.com and www.watchTVsitcoms.com. He needs the revenue from those sites and will have to reopen PayPal accounts for them. So when he does, contact PayPal and make your complaint.

4. The authorities should go to the drug store in Edmonton that the post office box was at and ask questions. This guy must live near it and has used it for years. The people there may know him.

To help Postal authorities, here is a close up scan of the postal code from one of the fraud packages

Here are some media links from approximately 12 November 2007:




Below are screen shots of what the scammer uploaded on both of his sites, DCAadvice.com and aboutDCA.com. It showed he controlled both sites.

dcaadvice.com page shot


updated dcaadvice.com attack page



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